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Elvis Presley The Girl I Never Loved Lyrics

Last updated: 11/19/2013 11:14:13 PM

(Words & music by Randy Starr)
The girl I never loved
Will never know I cared
And all my dreams of her
Are dreams I'll never share
For I want her and I need her
And I know it might have been
But it ended long before it could begin

The kiss I never got
Somebody else will take
The plans I never made
Somebody else will make
Oh I'm lonely, I'm so lonely
'Cause it's her I'm thinking of
But she'll always be the girl I never loved
Never loved, never loved

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The Girl I Never Loved | Reviewer: ChrisColumbus | 11/19/13

This song reminds me of the girl with whom I was (or maybe still am) in love. I am not brave enough to tell her about it. There is one big problem - we are distant cousins - half-third cousins exactly. In my country it is legal to marry such a distant cousin. In fact, if our families didn't keep in touch, we could be completely unaware that we are distant cousins. I have been in love with her for a year and still suffer because of this. I wish she knew the truth and loved me as I did. I am going to see her in a few days - we will meet on the family celebration. I am sure that if we weren't distant family, we would be a very happy couple now - we get on with each other like a house on fire. My sweet little darling, I love you.

The second person and the last person | Reviewer: Seng David Colonel (KimNara) | 1/8/13

My name is nara I am 14 years old i love one girl she is 16 years old i loved her since i have studied grade 8 in Chbar Ompov high school she name is Lach chenda i never abandon my love i still kept it until i study grade 9. One day she had told me that she interested me too. and she said to me don't have another girl dont be a mafia effort to study Khmer and English Everything she told me i do everything not have the space. At 2012.25.12 i see my friend they give the present to their girl friend and they said to me who is your girl friend what grade she study i said with my friend and my tear fall and they ask me why you cry are you happy ? i said my girlfriend she has abandon me and she told me that you should find the girl that better than her and she want me to cut our love affair and i said that however i still love you i still waiting you return to me again if you stay with another you still be my girl friend if you stay with me you is my girl friend. What can i have a chance to love her again ? That is The End of my love and i stop love all girl.