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Mostly Autumn The Ghost Moon Orchestra Lyrics

Last updated: 04/07/2013 01:38:20 PM

And the bending, searching willow tree
Sweeping the twighlight underneath
The owl looks on as the sun goes down
The forest weeps a deathly howl
Something stirring deep inside
The trees stand deadly still tonight
The sullen river stops his flow
The ravens gather in the creeping cold

Slowly coming, slowly gathering

If you go down to the woods tonight, you're in for a big suprise
The Orchestra is coming to play before your very eyes
And everything you've ever been is in the show tonight
Wrapped up in your very own symphony

The farmers hands to the poets eyes
The bankers stash, the sweetest lies
Everybody down and the bottom of the pile
The hippies in a band on the camping site
Overland and under sea, everybody's playing hide and seek
You can't outrun your shadow today
The Orchestra's very, very hungry

Slowly coming, slowly gathering

Dont go down to the woods toady, you really have no choice
The Orchestra is calling your name strictly you alone
All the hopes the terror the love, all you've ever been
Drowning in your very own symphony

And they're looking for recruits is it your lucky day?
if you've been a bad boy then Lord you'd better pray
Couse even the Devil wouldn't wish it on you
Endlessly playing humanities tune
But he's keeping score from one up to ten
And some of you Buggars go up to eleven
Stand to attention as they slaughter the fire
Of the life that you lived in the comfort of home

Don't go down to the woods tonight (x6)
Don't go down to the woods all alone
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