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The Ghost Inside Biography

Last updated: 08/19/2012 08:01:31 PM

The Ghost Inside is a melodic hardcore / metalcore band from South Bay in California, their first edition of "Now or Never" on Media Skare Records in 2006 under its old name of "a dying Dream"

with the name change takes place in early 2007, The ghost began the inside to make their mark on the hardcore scene April 15, 2008 marked the date when they released their debut full-length record titled "Fury and the fallen"

Thanks to some special connectors (B-grade Australian celebrity Michael Crafter) The Ghost Inside were given the opportunity for a lifetime to come to Australia and support Australian primary Metalcore act I killed the Prom Queen Say Goodbye on their tour which is also supported by Bring Me The Horizon and The Red Shore

The Ghost Inside harnu shared scenarion with artists that stick to your guns As Blood Runs Black Bury Your Dead Darkest Hour Misery Signals Parkway Drive For The Fallen Dreams terror on Broken Wings Bleeding Through Ceremony, and many many more

The band released this statement on 22 December 2008
"As it looks right now we are taking all of January and most of February out of writing a new record, we've been throwing around some ideas for songs but nothing is settled so far, expect our next record to be faster heavier and angrier than the "fury and the fallen" It should be out in late summer or possibly the Fall "

The band's latest offering dubbed" returners "to meet their online store June 1, 2010

But after many months of touring, the band parted ways with trummisenKC Stockbridgeand began touring with the earlier of the Fallen Dreams drummer Andrew Tkaczyk The band will continue touring despite losing a good friend and original bandmate