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Raekwon The General Lyrics

Last updated: 06/28/2012 11:00:00 AM

Ayo, Ayo, I run with real niggas who kill niggas
Whose dreed is longer then niggas and pot is filled
(Cottons are peeled yo) Bank holders forming a shank holder
Driving costly shit, Speak in slang, Leaning like hangovers
The glide'n, We vibe'n, We take you to the Brownsville
Drive to the West side to S.I. so dress fly
True valence, Living my talents, I learned to cook clean
And swing and bling yo, And murder for thousands, Yep
A rap pharaoh who arrow got poison in it, (Boys get it who stunt)
You know I'm General like Colin Powell
Meet the new team on the street, Formulated by long waited
A strong operation for more, Come like Sampson
Kill like a thousand off one bone
And walk up on my mansion dipped, Flip the mobile phone
Flip niggas, I promise we hit big timers
Bury some men, Niggas say it's cold when I switch climates
(Ayo, It's real rap need ya nigga, Go in)
I told men it's only one nigga that's left, He rock a gold M
Mercy ya lago egg, His leg flooded
Mold made out of lead, So when the snare kick

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