The Gathering Field Albums

  • So Close To Home Album (7/31/2001)
    Look Inside
    Fifty Lifetimes
    Dying On The Vine
    The Dirt Of Chimayo
    Who We Are
    So Much Water
    I Don't Know
    The Absence Of Her Smile
    Proving Ground
    Distant Thunder

  • Reliance Album (11/10/1999)
    I'd Believe In God For You
    Always A Reason
    Complicated Me
    My Serenity
    When I Put The Records On
    Right Where You Want Me
    Another Man
    Beautiful Land
    The Heart Of Everything

  • Lost In America Album (8/20/1996)
    Lost In America
    Rhapsody In Blue
    Bound To Be
    Middle Road
    Midnight Ghost
    Are You An Angel?
    Love Me Good
    Win You Back Suzanne
    And I Wanted
    The Soul Is Human
    Blue Sky Song

  • The Gathering Field Album (10/1/1994)
    Better Off Without Me
    Slightly Aimless
    Lost It In The Sun
    Everything's Alright
    That Night
    Morning Sounds
    I Believe! I Believe!
    I Want To Be With You
    Dylan Thomas Days

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