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The Gaslight Anthem Biography

Last updated: 11/10/2011 11:00:00 AM

New Jersey has an air about it, sometimes I think it lives in the concrete like blood through its own veins. If you're from here, you never lose it, if you're not you recognize it from a mile away. The Gaslight Anthem, hailing from New Brunswick, NJ, are no exception. Their lyrics are riddled with Jersey references, it's almost like there's a deal you have to make here ... It'll let you out, if you promise to give her a line or two. But more so than the "Jerseyisms",

The Gaslight Anthem are carrying on for a bigger, less localized movement. It's a punk rock tradition of no frills, good times, wearing it on your sleeve, staying hungry, and playing every show like it was your last. The Gaslight Anthem's mixture of punk rock sing-alongļæ½s, folk story telling, and a unique soulfulness underneath it all has been bursting out of its own seams since their inception in the winter of 2005.

With lyrics focused on hard luck, hope, the labours of love, and the ragged invitations of "jukebox romeos" as conveyed by singer/guitarist Brian Fallon's gruff baritone. It's not hard for people to relate to the mis-adventures of the common man. The Gaslight Anthem are steadfast on retaining their relate ability to everyone.

The future road is long for The Gaslight Anthem but these boys are hungry, in fact they're "just about starving tonight," to quote another New Jersey native.

Look out for the endless touring and the debut full length SINK OR SWIM due out on XOXO Records.

No frills, punk, soul, and the good times. Over and out.