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Annihilator The Fun Palace Lyrics

Last updated: 01/22/2003 12:58:26 AM

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Welcome, I invite you off to the other world
You'll have to face this house of no escape
Confront the past, in this psychic house of horrors
I lead you up to the path you'll take

Panic, your conscience lied
Trapped inside
Panic, your ultimate nightmare
Welcome to the fun palace

Panic, just try to scream
It's only a dream
Panic, your ultimate nightmare
Welcome to the palace

Tonight you'll be tried, I invoke the memories
The guilt to be driven from this unconscious mind
Young lives that you've denied, behold their faces
Innocence cut to pieces, just look behind

Repeat Chorus

Look at the fun and the games that you've taken away
Dreams of growing up have been destroyed
Because of you!

Farewell, I impel you back to your other world
You'll have to face your every sin
Take this a painful bounty, representing me
The keeper of the palace and the secrets held within

Repeat Chorus

Good-bye, from the fun palace

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