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From the sleepy sprawl of America's Mile-High City comes
The Fray, a Denver-based foursome whose melodic pop-rock
songs and soaring vocals resonate with sprawling tapestries
and tales of hopefulness and heartache.

Formed in 2002 by Isaac Slade (vocals, piano) and Joe King
(guitar, vocals), The Fray earned a loyal grassroots
following through impressive area gigs and the support of
local radio which led a listen-driven campaign to get the
band a record contract. With strong word-of-mouth, the band
won "Best New Band" honors from Denver's Westword Magazine
and garnered substantial More...

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Review about The Fray songs
to I say let them do it | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song How To Save A Life performed by The Fray

Why would u say that. What if one if ur family members tried to commit sucide but failed would u want them to have to die. That is sickining. And they are not weak, they just have been strong forever but people just keep hurting them. The peoplr who are weak are the ones who cause them to commit sucide

Huzaif | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Never Say Never performed by The Fray

This song is awesome,it no doubt touched my heart and at the same time relieved me of the pain that was caused by the departure of one of my best friends. Will never forget you,never and ever.
P.S I miss you.

love | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You Found Me performed by The Fray

im a athiest and a cover artist so i always sing songs that are ''deep'' and this song makes me think about my crush leaving me for my best friend * where were you were where you * losing her the only one who's ever known who i am who im not and who i want to be lost and insacure

To "I say let them do it..." | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song How To Save A Life performed by The Fray

Now that you have seen some of the responses made to your unfounded remark, perhaps you will hold your tounge before you find out who the surplus population is and where it is. It may be that in the sight of God, you are more worthless and less fit to live than MILLIONS like these poor unstable people. Before your end, you will beg God to forgive your disgusting thoughts and behavior.

h | Reviewer: smoked it
    ------ About the song How To Save A Life performed by The Fray

Do you know that this song is actually about a bully who realises that has victim(person bullied) is his bestfriend because they had such different personalities they realised they connected but it was to late suicide i think

How To Save A Life | Reviewer: Gracious
    ------ About the song How To Save A Life performed by The Fray

I thank God for you, HB. I listen to this song differently now. The tears are real. I am real. HB, you saved my life. I now know that I have every right to live, to love, and to be because of Him and because of the love you hgave shown me. For all of those who need to talk to someone, try the steps in this song. It will work. You will save a life if not your own...

Love, His grace, and peace be unto you.

let them do it ??? | Reviewer: missRawberry
    ------ About the song How To Save A Life performed by The Fray

WHATS WRONG WITH YOU ??? its inhuman to say things like that ? my mommy is really bad now, she says she will kill herself and if she doesif think ill do it to cause i could help her bu i don know how. "and i could stay up with you all night, had i known how to save a life..."
And you insult people lik us who are in a very bad period, you say we must die ? you dont know anything about people. you should get help cause you really need it, maybe as much as the "worthless pieces of crap" not the same kind of help, but you do need it. You are so unsensitive. theres no words. You are a psychopath.

Runaway, Run | Reviewer: dana
    ------ About the song Vienna performed by The Fray

my interpretation of this song is that its about "running away" in an effort to become emotionally distant from the one he loves... he is either running away from fear of getting hurt, or running away from fear of getting too attached or dependent. whatever the reason, these emotions are scary to him, and he'd rather run from them than face what he's feeling. he hopes that this distance and time to himself can bring about clarity and resolve.

he mentions that maybe in 5 or 10 years, they can meet again, when "honesty," or the truths regarding the relationship, won't be so hard to face anymore. maybe then he can finally have a handle on the way he feels, and be okay with life, regardless if the relationship is meant to be or not.

until then, he must be the maverick. the one who is distant; the one who cuts off the relationship, and thus his feelings.

although this song is sad in reality, it is also hopeful -- because it leaves you with the thought of "what if..." will he simply move on? or will they meet again, when the distance has made enough of a difference for things to be sorted out?

even though a relationship is what he wants, he must first resort to running from it, in order for the pieces to fall together.

Part 2 | Reviewer: dana
    ------ About the song Vienna performed by The Fray

i also think its important to note the sense of urgency in this song, as if its screaming: ok im doing it, it's really happening this time, seriously there's no turning back, there's no stopping me, we had our chance... im gone. emotionally, im gone. -- "this is the distance, and this is my game face."

but as i mentioned earlier, sometimes in a twist of hope, when people get pushed away from the ones they love, or their love is simply unrequited, they're forced to move on and become their best selves -- and this emotionally journey may be critical for him in becoming that.

To the "I say let them do it" person also | Reviewer: Samantha Stuefer
    ------ About the song How To Save A Life performed by The Fray

May I ask,how heartless are you? That's horrible! You deserve to rot in Hell. Rot in bloody Hell! How could you think something like that? What if you had someone you loved with all your heart took their life? How would you feel? I'm sorry but you really do deserve to rot in Hell. This song speaks and says so much. If you had a heart maybe you'd understand what emotion is.

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