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Wale The Forward Lyrics

Last updated: 01/02/2013 05:33:16 AM

My names Wale, you probly know me from the you know
You remember that day of mine
Thats one of my favorite lines cuz
But you want me over nigga
You cant lose yourself in this shit holmes
Them youngins man
To be honest I dont have a voice
Nobody made it this far
We do this for our own homies behind the wall
Who never got a chance to see this movement in real form
You gotta remember this shit man
You do this for them young niggas who we inspire and open the musical doors for
We are the district, Wale
We the district, nigga
We cant lose ourselves
Lets live in it
We been fucking up the DC club scene since platinum base nigga
But you always stayed on subject
If these listeners too dumb to understand you gave them subject in the club
At the same token on chain music
The never gon get it
My nigga, can you really believe that thought she was talking bout will fuckin change?
Man, from tourin to classic tapes
Nigga you and Dre been the hour sessions, 2007
Now, we talking bout Grammies
We talkin bout Grammies nigga
You understand that?
Can you believe that?
We all for Grammy nigga
We aint got shit else to prove
Man, listen bro
You just gotta get each of this Folarin