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you’ll get no apologies from the format when it comes to
dissecting their brand of rousing, straight ahead pop
music. sam means and nate ruess, the bright, prolific duo
who make up the new elektra group, both barely scraping
their early 20’s, have crafted a sparkling, spirited 12
song hook-laden epic that defies you not to hum along. the
debut is a cocktail of diverse flavors, with emphasis on
the singer/songwriting nucleus that mixes a knack for
beatlesque melodies with ‘80’s styled layerings, including
big fat drum machines, More...

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Review about The Format songs
My life | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She Doesn't Get It performed by The Format

She left, far away. We had everything, yet she murdered the idea of us, surrendered it to her lifelong desire of going away. Before she left she started separating herself from me to ease the pain throughout, when the moment finally came, I got burned. She doen't remember what we once had.

Moral: today's trends suck. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She Doesn't Get It performed by The Format

I don't think it's about the guy being older at all, only that he feels old and out of place because he has older values (sick of one night stands, generic myspace chick pics, Justin Beiber hair being the fashion), tastes in music (Duran Duran), etc. So he meets this girl understanding she's no different from the rest (loud, takes him into her room at once -locks her door-, banal and stupid -lolcat motivational poster quotes are all she says-, i.e. the typical myspace girl) but he falls in love anyway, because that's just how he is. He laments the difficulty in finding true love in a society that rests on superficialities, a society that produces the kind of girls that burn, who don't know how to love because his kind of love (the right kind) has become hopelessly outdated and against the mainstream ("I tried it once but it never caught on").

It's a message. Youths these days no longer know how to love because society has gone down the drain.

Well... | Reviewer: Jake
    ------ About the song She Doesn't Get It performed by The Format

I mean the meaning of the song is pretty simple...

The guy finds himself almost alienated from all of those around him. Where others want to follow all the trends, and live fast, he can't relate to that. But at the end of the first verse, he finds a girl who seems different somehow from the rest and intrigues him.

Following to the chorus, the guy again shows he's different from the rest. He wants to live fast like those around him, and sleep with this girl, but from a past experience he's realized he simply can't do that, as the experience has no meaning and only hurts him.

Then, just like a lot of times when we really get to know someone, the guy begins to realize that the girl isn't all different like he believed her to be, but for some reason he can't stop being interested in her.

Anyways, to cut it short, he realizes as he sleeps separate from her (because his feelings in one way or another messed up his chance of just sleeping with her), that he's cursed because no matter what he does he'll always want a meaningful relationship, even though he's surrounded by a society who value the one night stand more than that.

i hate scene kids too! | Reviewer: alkalined13
    ------ About the song Time Bomb performed by The Format

Just kidding, I don't hate scene kids, but I think maybe Juggadore might be a scene kid him/herself and can't take a bit of criticism. Have you ever thought about the fact that most of the formats core listeners are "scene kids?" Seeing as how they spend most of their time around these people, I'm sure they've earned the right to form their own opinions about them. If you're offended, don't listen.

Just Saying | Reviewer: NateRuessFan
    ------ About the song Dog Problems performed by The Format

I found this in a review of the album:
"At one point, Ruess begins to spell, cheerleader style, and gets as far as B-E-C-C-A before he realises that he’s spelling ‘because’ wrong and his thoughts have slipped back onto his presumed ex-girlfriend."
This combines BECCA, Because, and the lyric "I never finish phrases I mispell"
Also, in the Dear Nate section he denied the reference to Becca but in an earlier post where he was asked who Becca was he replied it was someone who he loved.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song On Your Porch performed by The Format

This song seriously reflects my life and my best friend's life. He's a guy and we talk about everything with each other, and we know that we love each other but when we tried to be boyfriend and girlfriend it didn't work out because he moved away and his dad's was really sick but his mom nursed him back. Also, we met up this past summer at a beach/island in north carolina, sunset beach, and he was staying in a hotel off the island with our friend sam...yeah, so it really gives me hope for our future.

my summer | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song She Doesn't Get It performed by The Format

this song is kinda about my summer i was leaving for college in the fall i met this amazing girl but she felt if anything happened between us she would be the one to get burned and she thought i would just move on once i got to school

About me. | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song She Doesn't Get It performed by The Format

Its about me in reverse, i met the girl, i was leaving, she just wanted the score... I was the one who got burned, still havent put out that fire. The Format always goes both ways, could be you or them. Some one always gets hurt. =( Great band, horrible pain. lol, i know what they mean. Im not that concieted to think its about me but,it feels that way. check out `you're so last summer` by taking back sunday... if you feel the connection, i would listen. :{

:) | Reviewer: gracie!
    ------ About the song Give It Up performed by The Format

This is a great song:) I do like fun. better but this is one of the greatest bands of all time.

And actually he was born in Iowa city, and then moved.=] I'm live near Iowa city right now, but i'm from Portland.=]

:) | Reviewer: Charlotte
    ------ About the song On Your Porch performed by The Format

This song gives me a lot of hope for my future. It makes me realize that if anyone I know and love fails at anything, that I'll always be there for them and to look at something from all perspectives(out of the desert, and into the sun).

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