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The Fold, hailing from the windy city of Chicago, is one of
the most recent adds to the Tooth and Nail line up. They
are currently touring with Project 86, Their debut album,
This Too Shall Pass, hits the stores this Tuesday.
However, you can check out the full length album online
here. This alternative rock group has a sound that you
will want to sing along with, but they also have a story
that is worth hearing just as much as their music.

Lead singer Daniel Castady once had what alot of struggling
bands dream of, that is a More...

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I think... | Reviewer: Kelsi
    ------ About the song Faster Still performed by The Fold

"In the morror I nearly lost you.."

I listened to it a few times, and I'm pretty sure hes saying " In the year I nearly lost you.

A lot of pronounciations are exaggerated by artists, and mirror would sound more like mee-or. or something to that extent...

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