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Foghat began their career in 1971 as a bunch of rather
unpretentious young Brits with an affection for American
blues and '50s rock 'n' roll. By the middle of the decade,
they had evolved into a major touring and recording act,
playing a pumped-up brand of boogie-rock to arena-size
audiences. Their looks grew flashier, their sound fattened
and filled out, yet the roots-rock core of the band
remained ever-present under the surface.

From the viewpoint of certain critics, Foghat unduly
compromised their early blues-based approach in More...

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Review about The Foghat songs
Nice but off-placed Mood | Reviewer: chirag
    ------ About the song Burnin' The Midnight Oil performed by The Foghat

This is supposed to be a sad song according to the lyrics, but melody and music wise it doesn't look to be. The singer seems to be very happy because he's lost in love. Strange, but Good.

Feelings | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Angel Of Mercy performed by The Foghat

This is to me one of the most beautiful song ever written... I'm glad Foghat did it, it has such feelings to the song, a very powerful ballad that unfortunately is very under rated it deserves a 10/10 .

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Mattea Quidochay
    ------ About the song I'll Be Standing By performed by The Foghat

This whole album is good, but this is the last song and an awesome closer. I've always loved it and it's been stuck in my head today. I am going to go home, pull my album out and play it. It's on the album Night Shift, in case anybody is wondering.

the heart of Foghat is in songs like these...... | Reviewer: landpirate
    ------ About the song Couldn't Make Her Stay performed by The Foghat

true foghat lovers will tell you that the pop tunes so familiar with the band is not what made them loved back in the day.....

this song is one of the examples of Foghat's depth and and shows dave peveret's heart side.....short and sweet ....couldnt make her stay
is down to earth a statement every adolescent could relate to after rocking his but off to the rest of the rock and roll album.....
this album if you notice starts hot and winds down with a theme going through all the songs .......

Sarah Lee-Foghats first album | Reviewer: Tom Millhollon
    ------ About the song Sarah Lee performed by The Foghat

What a great old rock and roll song. Great riffs with kind of a bluesy rhythm. Never a huge Foghat fan, but this song really grabbed me.

Slow Ride is Foghat's Best Song | Reviewer: Heavy Fuel
    ------ About the song Slow Ride performed by The Foghat

This is also one of my favorite songs of all time. This song has great riffs and drums RULE!! But I listen to the 4 min version insted of the 8 min version. I've only heard it on the radio only 2 times.
Great work, great song.

Review Submitted by William "Heavy Fuel" Vogt II

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