The Flaming Lips Lyrics

Steven Drozd -- drums, vocals, guitars, other stuff
Michael Ivins -- bass, vocals, guitars
Ronald Jones -- guitars, effects, vocals, postal abuse
Wayne Coyne -- vocals, guitars, philosophy, all the rest

"I figured when I got done with the record, I'd have used
up every idea I'd ever have."

-Wayne Coyne

Clouds Taste Metallic, the new album from The Flaming Lips
on Warner Bros. Records, sounds like a big party in outer
space, with two songs about astronauts, references to
exploding brains, placebo headwounds, postal workers on
fire, More...

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Review about The Flaming Lips songs
LOL | Reviewer: RedWolf
    ------ About the song The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song performed by The Flaming Lips

Jessica just trolled you all. Sorry.
You don't just specifically mention the fact that your 14 years old and going to be a writer, along with some fake email in a hate/flame review.

DOES IT HAVE TO BE ANY CLEARER? She was obviously trolling, that unfortunate hobby that is taking over the internet, and was asking for attention and for poor teenagers to be attacked and insulted. So before you call fourteen year olds 'cunts', or talk about how terrible their taste in music is, just remember the person who started it is probably some thirty year old no-life sitting behind a computer all day, and there are exceptions to stereotypes.
Not all old people are grumpy with no memory.
Not all adults are dull and un-creative.
Not all teenagers have bad taste and obsessed with all that Pop stuff.
Not all kids are whiny idiots.

So just remember, before you call fourteen year olds 'cunts', just remember which generation gave that lifestyle to those 'cunts'.

PS: This song is great, so don't hate!

12/10, would listen to this till the end of me | Reviewer: Gob
    ------ About the song Speak To Me / Breathe performed by The Flaming Lips

For years I've listened to this song for more than 1000 times and every time I put this on, I always find myself asking 'Why, is this song so good? What's making it so good?' Is it just me, or is it the meaning of the song, other words the lyrics? Or is it just the atmosphere the music creates? To be honest I don't know myself. I'm not even fully sure with what this song is about but I think I'm starting to get a grasp of it. Overall, I think this is my favorite song in the entire Universe. I will bring it all the way to my grave when my time comes. I'll feel no regrets. My life is worth it.

Lol | Reviewer: jay
    ------ About the song The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song performed by The Flaming Lips

HA! These comments are so funny..i particularly love when people use the word "cunt"

I've met Wayne, Im friends with Dennis...And Wayne is a big kid, and also dating someone close to the age of 14 at its a big waste of time to over analyze. Enjoy the music!!! Wooop!

WOW | Reviewer: Chives
    ------ About the song Do You Realize? performed by The Flaming Lips

I just bought this album, and I am LOVING it. They are so talented, and they go way beyond most artists. Both in talent and in meaning. Their songs are so deep. Thanks for opening my eyes when I failed to ^-^

Ummmmmm | Reviewer: He Uses Keeeeerosene....
    ------ About the song She Don't Use Jelly performed by The Flaming Lips

As a one hit wonder is defined as someone who is mainly known only for one success, then yes, the Flaming Lips are a one-hit wonder by definition. The fact that you like the band and that they have other, legitimately great songs means nothing in the overall pantheon of judging one-hit wonders.

Beverly Hills 90210 the College Years | Reviewer: MP
    ------ About the song She Don't Use Jelly performed by The Flaming Lips

I saw them perform at the peach pit after dark i love that episode Love Hurts i remember it Andrea has a affair and donna almost got raped by garrett slan and david saved her attempted rape

wow | Reviewer: Chix2
    ------ About the song Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1 performed by The Flaming Lips

wow. just wow. i mean, we're singing this song in my music class at school, and i just thought it was just some little kids song. I never knew it was THIS popular. Just like another song we are singing in class called, " we are going to be friends". You should check it out.

Timeless Treasure | Reviewer: Laura Evol
    ------ About the song Do You Realize? performed by The Flaming Lips

This song is a timeless treasure If one listens closely to it's message,
they may be spared heart ache, if a loved one leaves before
they realize how much they meant to them. Listen with love,
act like you realize......before it's too late.

Lyric platform | Reviewer: Hakeem dada pugh /hakeemdadream/
    ------ About the song Thank You Jack White (For the Fiber-Optic Jesus That You Gave Me) performed by The Flaming Lips

I charting giving life will he's blessing everything you do the lord your god make you leader not followers you will lend money to devote or accommodate one self or itself To afford granted life may nations To borrowfrom anyone of them Deu28:12

Balance | Reviewer: Rick
    ------ About the song Do You Realize? performed by The Flaming Lips

"The sun doesn't go down, it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round"

Sometimes life is bad and sometimes it's good. That's just the way it goes. You couldn't understand light if you've never known dark. So roll with the punches and keep your loved ones close. Let them know you realize that life goes fast, it's hard to make the good things last" Peace, love, and hope. Thanks Flaming lips

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