The Flaming Lips Albums

  • The Terror Album (4/16/2013)
    Look... The Sun Is Rising
    Be Free, A Way
    Try To Explain
    You Lust
    The Terror
    You Are Alone
    Butterly, How Long It Takes To Die
    Turning Violent
    Always There, In Our Hearts
    Bonus Tracks
    Sun Blows Up Today
    All You Need Is Love

  • The Dark Side Of The Moon Album (12/22/2009)
    Speak To Me / Breathe
    On the Run
    Time / Breathe (Reprise)
    The Great Gig In the Sky
    Us And Them
    Any Colour You Like
    Brain Damage

  • Embryonic Album (10/13/2009)
    Convinced Of The Hex
    The Sparrow Looks Up At The Machine
    See The Leaves
    Gemini Syringes
    Your Bats
    The Ego's Last Stand
    I Can Be A Frog
    Sagittarius Silver Announcement
    Worm Mountain
    The Impulse
    Silver Trembling Hands
    Watching The Planets
    Bonus Tracks
    UFOs Over Baghdad
    What Does It Mean?
    Just Above Love
    Anything You Say Now, I Believe You

  • At War With The Mystics Album (4/3/2006)
    The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)
    Free Radicals
    The Sound Of Failure / It's Dark... Is It Always This Dark??
    My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
    Vein Of Stars
    It Overtakes Me / The Stars Are So Big, I Am So Small... Do I Stand A Chance?
    Mr. Ambulance Driver
    Haven't Got A Clue
    The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)
    Pompeii Am Gotterdammerung
    Goin' On

  • Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Album (7/16/2002)
  • The Soft Bulletin Album (6/22/1999)
  • Zaireeka Album (10/28/1997)
  • Clouds Taste Metallic Album (9/19/1995)
  • Transmissions From the Satellite Heart Album (1/1/1993)
  • Hit To Death In The Future Head Album (8/11/1992)
  • In a Priest Driven Ambulance Album (9/1/1990)
  • Telepathic Surgery Album (8/1/1989)
  • Oh My Gawd!!!...The Flaming Lips Album (8/1/1987)
  • Hear It Is Album (8/1/1986)

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