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Lawrence Arms The First Eviction Notice Lyrics

Last updated: 12/21/2011 11:00:00 AM

A temple corroded, eviction pending.
Embrace me, cold nights, gray sky, streetlight.
Lyrical descension, attention fading.
Breathless I'm a mess.
Kissless I'm in distress.
I'm barely breathing.

This crowning anguish, locked up nervous reflex.
I've got to build up from the inside.
A relapse
Repression's smiling spitefully,longing for you to sew up my seams.
I'm barely breathing.

I've abandoned old identities.
Skin I couldn't fit into, songs I couldn't write.
My voice will fade into this starless night.

Can I get much blinder?
Can I kick myself much harder?
Have I accepted this, to torture myself?
You can't see me; have i invented you?
I'm barely breathing.
You're so easy to believe in.
And it's so depressing that I'm always second guessing,
That I'm always second guessing,
That i'm always second guessing myself.

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