The Feeling Lyrics

Dan Gillespie Sells - vocals & guitar
Richard Jones - bass
Kevin Jeremiah - guitar
Ciaran Jeremiah - keyboards
Paul Stewart - drums
The Feeling are five twentysomethings from Sussex and
London who love pop music.  Great big no-nonsense,
hook-filled, giant-chorused pop music – music for the
masses, only intelligent, with sunshine hooks and killer
choruses that everyone can hum, from plumbers to professors.
Singer Dan Gillespie Sells, who admits to having had an
indie phase once, says: "There are no guilty pleasures
anymore.  More...

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Reviews about The Feeling songs

Rose a love song??? ..... NOT!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rosé performed by The Feeling

This song completely captures what this band is all about. Tongue in Cheek humor with a serious hook and great song structure. They had me completely fooled into believing this was a romantic love song until it suddenly hit me what I was saying when singing along.

Maybe I was stupid... But I bet there are many people out there that don't get it when they first hear it. DID YOU??? Does anyone remember what Cindy Lauper's song "She Bop" was about. Take the way they say ROSE. "Rosie" in the American sense means something very close to the heart of all men. LOL Men you know what I mean.

I don't know why it didn't hit me at first. Maybe because it was so damned pretty. But think about it: "You and your friends in boxes of tens"... "cool to the touch"... "I love you so much"... "I don't wanna put you down"... "I won't let him put you down"..."I think pink is my colour"... "I won't drink from no other lover".

PURE GENIOUS: These guys can sing about anything and make you love it. "The Feeling" is an appropriately perfect name because the feeling I get when listening to these guys is always consistent. Pure Joy!

What a Pleasure!

From: American Male age: 43

Even younger fan! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love It When You Call performed by The Feeling

My 1 and a half year old sister nods her head and dances all the way through this song! She loves it and her face lights up every time it comes on. =]

Brilliant song and band | Reviewer: sean
    ------ About the song Love It When You Call performed by The Feeling

What an amazing band and song. They've burst onto the scene and stole the show with style. This song is a great example of how - the lyrics are brilliant are great and fit perfectly with the music and the background singing and music which is sublime and makes the song what it is which is legendary in its own right. I cant wait till they are near me on a tour, i'll definitely go to see them. They have such talent in songwriting, singing and actual music writing - they deserve every penny they get and i will be more than glad to pay full price for my concert ticket!
Sean Hayes, Ireland. (I'm English though!)

i love it when you call is just a great song, | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love It When You Call performed by The Feeling

The feeling are such a good band, lyrics that seem happier than the really are hidden in a happy sounding melody. Great band, great album, and hopefully a long lived outfit.

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