The Fall Of Troy Albums

  • In The Unlikely Event Album (10/6/2009)
    Panic Attack!
    Straight-Jacket Keelhauled
    Battleship Graveyard
    A Classic Case Of Transference
    Empty The Clip, The King Has Been Slain, Long Live The Queen!
    People And Their Lives
    Dirty Pillow Talk
    Nobody's Perfect
    Walk Of Fame
    Nature Vs. Nurture

  • Phantom On The Horizon Album (11/28/2008)
    Chapter I: Introverting Dimensions
    Chapter II: A Strange Conversation
    Chapter III: Nostalgic Mannerisms
    Chapter IV: Enter The Black Demon
    Chapter V: The Walls Bled Lust

  • Manipulator Album (5/1/2007)
    Cut Down All The Trees And Name The Streets After Them
    The Dark Trail
    Quarter Past
    Oh! The Casino!?
    Shhh!!! If You're Quiet I'll Show You A Dinosaur
    Caught Up
    A Man. A Plan. A Canal. Panama.

  • Doppelgänger Album (1/1/2005)
    I Just Got This Symphony Goin'
    Act One, Scene One
    "You Got A Death Wish, Johnny Truant?"
    Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles
    The Hol[ ]y Tape...
    Laces Out, Dan!
    We Better Learn To Hotwire A Uterus
    Whacko Jacko Steals The Elephant Man's Bones
    Tom Waits
    Macaulay McCulkin

  • Ghostship Demos Album (6/1/2004)
  • The Fall Of Troy Album (1/1/2003)
  • Martyrs Among The Casualties Album (6/1/2002)

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    INCORRECT | Reviewer: ethan
        ------ About the album Martyrs Among The Casualties performed by The Fall Of Troy

    Martyrs Among The Casualties was actually by a band called The Thirty Years War. That band was basically TFoT minus rythm guitar, but still technically not TFoT.

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