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Lamb Of God The Faded Line Lyrics

Last updated: 02/19/2012 10:00:00 AM

Witness shame's parade, the pain of blame repaid
It's fucking hopeless
Accusations and denial.
Hopeless... demon of another day
Colorless... stoned, solid grey
Emptiness... of promises I made
So faithless... the tenets long betrayed.
Walk the faded line, cursed crawl of time
Silence, the only promise ever kept.
Familiar touch, a ritual to numb the cut
Salvation in vice
Anguish is realizing what could have been, but never was
It's emptiness that fills the cup
Devotion in the method of my fall.
Pointless...futility continuing
Endless…flowing corrupted vein.
Walk the faded Line, cursed crawl of time (x2)
Silence the only promise ever kept
It's fucking hopeless
It's fucking hopeless

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LoG is awesome, Jordan's a pussy | Reviewer: Jesse | 2/16/12

Lamb of God is fucking awesome. This song is fucking awesome. Jordan however is a little pussy hipster. "Oh no they're too mainstream now. I need to seem deep and get into underground metal" Go grab some midol and stop being a pussy Jordan.

haha | Reviewer: LOG fan | 8/17/10

they're only well known because they kickass. liking bands that bought they're Renown is bad. Lamb of God is well known for nothing short and nothing else besides kicking ass. alot of your "underground" "true" bands aren't well renowned for the fact they're lyrics mean shit and they're music is repetitive. Every Lamb of God song is different from one another and with every album, they only grow and become stronger. The only thing Your "underground" bands remain true to, is being Trapped in They're creative box, to Cowardly to come out and Face the Gates of Time. Just because Some People Try to Grow and break out of the underground doesn't mean they suck. i'm sorry i'd Rather listen to music people Create with emotion and when i listen to they're lyrics they're a statement, not just a Paragraph filled with "brutal" meaningless sentences.

Jordan is a cunt | Reviewer: Jon | 8/21/09

I didn't think people actually stopped listening to bands they like because other people like them, but Jordan has proved me wrong. Please Jordan, do explain to me why it's so bad to like a band that's popular?

Faded line is sick | Reviewer: Jordan | 6/15/09

This song is really awesome, and LOG has some pretty amazing tunes, and the musicians are very talented, but they are way too mainstream now and a bunch of pussies anyway (note the fact there's a heart in the post below)

LOG is a gatewayband. Explore metal more please.

this song kicks ass | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/08

the name's ben and i've been listening to LOG for ages. they are so kick ass that i've learned most of their songs on guitar. the singers unique voice complements their awesome lyrics and the drummer is one of the best if not THE best i've ever seen. as for the guitarists, the riffs that they create and play using a mixture of rock and non western scales are the most imaginitive selection of fast, heavy and complicated riffs which are pleasing to the ear. other bands just cant compete!

Crash Ride | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/07

OMG, I seriously love the ride in this song.. LOG FUCKING OWNS EVERYTHING! It's fucking hopeless!<3

AWESOMEST SONG EVER LOL | Reviewer: brent | 11/18/07

the faded line is fucking outragiously awesome love all there songs and all there albums even randall in burn the preist was fucking awesome too!!!

LOG RULZ!!!!!! | Reviewer: Sardath | 11/9/07

Listen to blacken the cursed sun, this is the best song ever...omfg listen to the all fuckin albums.......they're da best

sick to the core | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/07

fuckin bad ass and hardcore i get chills when the bells chime in the middle man this shit is fuckin outta this world

FUCKIN SICK! | Reviewer: ADI | 5/31/07

i just fuckin love this fuckin sick shit man!!!
LOG r GOD!!!
uniqe palm muting techniqe i evah heard in ma fuckin life!

LOG can rip u r lil brains outta u r fuckin head!


Thanx U FAITH FUCK!!! lol! :D

YES! | Reviewer: ben | 5/12/07

I fucking LOVE this song. So wicked! "WALK THE FADED LINE!" sick!

:] | Reviewer: Sharpie :] | 5/9/07

Man, this song is fucking KICK ASS.
Lamb of God is amazing.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/05

this is the most musically crazy song ever~