The Everly Brothers Albums

  • Give Me A Future Album (9/27/2005)
    Give Me A Future
    Maybe Tomorrow
    How Did We Stay Together
    Since You Broke My Heart
    You're The One
    Will I Ever Have A Chance Again
    Who's To Be The One
    Don't Call Me, I'll Call You
    Captain, Captain
    You Can Fly
    Her Love Was Meant For Me
    Hello Amy
    I'll Bide My Time
    Oh What A Feeling
    Turned Down
    I'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas
    I'm Gonna Make Real Sure
    Only Me

  • Some Hearts Album (2/1/1988)
    Some Hearts
    Don't Worry Baby
    Ride The Wind
    Be My Love Again
    Can't Get Over It
    Angel Of The Darkness
    Brown Eyes
    Three Bands Of Steel
    Any Single Solitary Heart

  • Born Yesterday Album (2/1/1985)
    Amanda Ruth
    I Know Love
    Born Yesterday
    These Shoes
    Arms Of Mary
    That Uncertain Feeling
    Thinkin' 'Bout You
    Why Worry
    Abandoned Love
    Don't Say Goodnight
    Always Drive A Cadillac
    You Send Me

  • EB 84 Album (2/1/1984)
    On The Wings Of A Nightingale
    Danger Danger
    The Story Of Me
    I'm Takin' My Time
    The First In Line
    Lay, Lady, Lay
    Following The Sun
    You Make It Seem So Easy
    More Than I Can Handle

  • The New Album Album (10/1/1977)
  • Stories We Could Tell Album (3/1/1972)
  • Pass The Chicken & Listen Album (2/1/1972)
  • Roots Album (2/1/1968)
  • The Everly Brothers Sing Album (7/1/1967)
  • The Hit Sound Of The Everly Brothers Album (2/1/1967)
  • Two Yanks In England Album (7/1/1966)
  • In Our Image Album (1/1/1966)
  • Beat & Soul Album (8/1/1965)
  • Rock'n Soul Album (3/1/1965)
  • Rock'n Soul / Beat & Soul Album (2/1/1965)
  • Gone Gone Gone Album (12/1/1964)
  • The Everly Brothers Sing Great Country Hits Album (10/1/1963)
  • Instant Party! Album (2/1/1962)
  • Both Sides Of An Evening Album (2/1/1961)
  • A Date With The Everly Brothers Album (10/1/1960)
  • It's Everly Time Album (5/1/1960)
  • Songs Our Daddy Taught Us [Ace] Album (9/1/1959)
  • The Best Of The Everly Brothers Album (3/1/1959)
  • The Everly Brothers Album (2/1/1958)

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    The Greatness | Reviewer: pat
        ------ About the album Some Hearts performed by The Everly Brothers

    The music made by those two men, and those who accompanied them is monumental. Some Hearts, written by Don is amazingly strong and hauntingly beautiful. The guitar work by Albert Lee is just the most tasteful. They take any song and it ascends.

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