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The Evan Anthem-photo
Derek Kern (vocals, guitar)
Matt Miller (guitar, vocals)
Josh Young (drums)
Brian Miller (bass)

Hailing from Hanover, PA this four-piece band is a creative force inspired by art, culture, and life. Stylistically The Evan Anthem is best described as indie rock, though they are innovative in every obvious respect. "We all differ greatly, which makes for a different band", says front man Derek Kern.

Having crafted a sound that is uniquely their own, The Evan Anthem builds on their influences like artful décor. With musical sensibilities appealing to fans of bands like Sparta, Thursday, and Elliott (RIP) the rock quartet gives authoritative youth a good name. Produced by Mark Lee Townsend (Relient K), their albume Prologue boasts a notably clean representation, yet shows no inhibition of the raw energy the band possesses.

A relentless touring act, The Evan Anthem’s live show is already in a class by itself among their underground following. Having toured with peers Relient K & Anberlin, Spoken, and Copeland & Emery, their reputation for ingenuity is already firmly entrenched. The Evan Anthem’s concerts incorporate various audio clips from motion pictures and perfectly timed drum loops as their stage intro and various transitional interludes. Depending on their mood and setting, occasional lamps and televisions augment the visual assault on stage as the band orchestrates everything to coincide with what’s taking place musically, giving their audience a compelling new experience rather than simply another good live show. (excerpts taken from their page).

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Prologue | Reviewer: Tonye | 5/31/2007

This group is up there with At the drive in! They most assuredly are underground giants. Their CD prologue lays the foundation for what could be a prolific career from the start in this arena. Their melodies cant be deciphered nor their lyric in one listen which is why. Bands that put time in their music to allow a listening curve to be applied are terrific but what this band does with their melodies is have multiple melodies. YOU CAN NOT EVEN HAVE AN OPINION ON THIS BAND UNTIL YOU CAN FORECAST WHERE THEY ARE GOING IN MELODY! They brought what is being used today with popular music (MULTIPLE MELODY) so religiously to the front again (albeit once the progressions are deciphered this will be understood) in a really unique way. Their music when it does not repeat in it's progressions are when they are at their most talented. ONLY the individuals with the pallette for talent need apply! Once you understand expect nothing short of amazement!

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