The Duhks Albums

  • The Duhks Album (2/8/2005)
    Death Came A Knockin'
    Mists of Down Below/Meghan Hayden's
    Gene's Machine: Mary McMahon's/Pretty Little Indian/Sligo Creek/The Dub
    Four Blue Walls
    The Wagoner's Lad
    The Magnolia Set: Islay Ranters Reel/Fleur de Mandragore/Bull Moose/Isaac H
    True Religion
    You And I
    Dance Hall Girls/Bozeemon Boogie
    Dregs of Birch: Slip Jig/The Dregs of Birch/Eleanor Day's #1
    Du Temps Que J'Étais Jeune/Gabriella's Jig
    Dover, Delaware
    Love Is the Seventh Wave/The Arch of Abundant Love

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