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The Magnetic Fields The Dreaming Moon Lyrics

Last updated: 04/23/2014 10:13:04 PM

With an ivory pipe
And a cummerbund
In the dead of night
On the autobahn
With the long ago
On the radio
And the dreaming moon...
We were young and in love
In a burning town
But the fire went out
I'm alone again now
And I finally know
How cool to be cold
With the dreaming moon
I'll begin again
With another new name
And a whole new life
Full of fortune and fame
But in the 100th year
I'll be right back here
With the dreaming moon

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Absolutely LOVE this song. | Reviewer: Beaming Light | 4/23/14

The mood and the melody of this song are so moving and I can't believe it didn't become a major hit somewhere in the world. The words are mysterious and yet extremely familiar in a way. Brilliant work.