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The only positive byproduct of an industry asleep at the
wheel is a dream. With over a decade of hit-making
experience and a certified smash in Rihanna's #1 single,
"Umbrella" Terius "The-Dream" Nash is stepping from behind
the scenes with a wake-up call.

"Music is uninspiring right now" says the confident Atlanta
native. "The bar needs to be raised; a creative standard
should be set in music. I'm hoping that the real quality in
these songs shines through, and leaves a sounding impact on
the listeners."

His debut CD, Love Hate, is More...

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Review about The-Dream songs
Both you Badasses! | Reviewer: Jfish
    ------ About the song Priceless performed by The-Dream

Yo! If ur with my d&d boy - one word - badass! And honestly, if they gave all that to you - its not that you even care if I do or I dont hate, cuz truth is I dont, why would I, two homies I introduced and had love for. The one I kissed o e late night after the bar. Bad ass. I think about that night everyday! But then I question and that's my baby! My baby is tha best. Leaves me to wonder how the mom is doing. Again,, health and happiness for all, I bet. .well idk, I pray for her. As far as tha one who wanna cut out my organ, take it, idc, not gonna, dont wanna live in past, Im over It, and I hope that all the dough helps u both with that. Do me a favor, I dont care for a msg to be heard about me, Its flatrering, but really, if ur not ready or cant under contract cant then respect and not hate. My 1st kiss - nvr understood u, even harder w B! And my last first kiss, pray and keep me in ur dreams! No pity, no hate, hopefully u found some class and taste. Avi good days! But if u had or knew how - just think it'd b me cuz neither had ever wanted out but now 1 is 2 - truth is - so happy for you. Number c hanged so good! Give my B the life lessons he'll need for survival!! Money nice - but the heart and person is the true beauty. I love you two!

Love it all the way down | Reviewer: Porshia
    ------ About the song Put It Down performed by The-Dream

i love this song to death, i play it all the time, keep on doin what you is doin, and god is going to bless u good, he is all ready blessin you, he is going to bless you so good that you didn't know what happen. Hope to see u in person one day. may god bless u

</3 | Reviewer: i am me
    ------ About the song Right Side of My Brain performed by The-Dream

This song helped me through my tough break up with my boyfriend. I was pregnant when he left me. He found someone new in less than a couple of days. He comes back to me then he leaves me with nothing...This is the only song that speaks for me.

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