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Please remedy my confusion
And thrust me back to the day
The silence of your seclusion
Brings night into all you say

Pull me down again
And guide me into pain

I'm counting nocturnal hours
Drowned visions in haunted sleep
Faint flickering of your power
Leaks out to show what you keep

Pull me down again
And guide me into...

There is failure inside
This test I can't persist
Kept back by the enigma
No criterias demanded here

Deadly patterns made my wreath
Prosperous in your ways
Pale ghost in the corner
Pouring a caress on your shoulder

Puzzled by shrewd innocence
Runs a thick tide beneath
Ushered into inner graves
Nails bleeding from the struggle

It is the end for the weak at heart always the same
A lullaby for the ones who've lost all reeling inside
My gleaming eye in your necklace reflects stare of primal regrets
You turn your back and you walk away never again

Spiralling to the ground below
Like Autumn leaves left in the wake to fade away
Waking up to your sound again
And lapse into the ways of misery

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g8t song | Reviewer: bitopan | 2/12/14

A grt song by a g8t band, this song is my fav frm the album, mikael's songwrtng depicts so much potential, he's one who can blend his lylics to his music which never fails to incorporate perfect meaning ,its a metal masterpce,right from the start you will get a dark ambience feeling, rythm changes like a change in the seasons.

Power | Reviewer: Rich | 6/20/10

Mikael Akerfeldt has this amazing ability to capture me and many others due to his sheer genius in song-writing and his incredible musical talent as a singer and guitarist. After hearing Coil initially the Drapery Falls was the second song I specifically looked at and I was blown away by the verse. My absolute favourite part of the song is the in the second verse with the lead guitars changing slide. The atmosphere it creates is this brilliant eirie place and it gives me goosebumps every time, without fail!

Akerfeldt is a GOD | Reviewer: Hexed Omega | 5/4/10

Blackwater Park was the first Opeth album I listened to, and of all the songs (Harvest chills my blood, and Bleak just astonished me; I still crick my neck severely [from the inevitable head-banging] whenever I hear it), this song is what sums it all up for me. Mikael's unrivalled skill of clean and growled vocals is epitomized here, from the soft, soothing opening verses to the cascading transgression into darkness, his voice exploding with rage and fury, then suddenly back down several levels, to the sorrowful close, with imagery of chill loneliness. If I had to compare it to any other song, it would probably have to be akin to Hessian Peel (again, Opeth, Watershed, GO LISTEN!). I agree with Jude. This IS Opeth. That's their beauty. 20 years strong now, and may we be blessed with at least another 10!

Unadulterated Magic | Reviewer: Jude | 2/12/10

This is my favourite song by Opeth. It is gut-wrenchingly beautiful, sensual and uplifting. As reviewers before me have commented, the stark variation between the singer’s wonderfully melodious clean vocals to his death metal growls is truly harrowing; no one does it better than him. The music is a carefully mastered tapestry of sound with moments of such poignant beauty that it simply cannot leave you unmoved. Haunting, brutal, spiritual. This is Opeth.

A Metal Masterpiece | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/6/09

A perfect contrast between the light and dark sides of metal, smooth clean vocals punctuated by dark growls, sweeping epic guitar riffs, followed by furious double kick peddle. Any fan of Opeth will find this work incredibly beautiful, and it is enjoyable for most fans of metal and good music in general.

Fucking beautiful | Reviewer: Dracsweety | 3/12/09

There are not many band who can pull off the progressive death metal in a way much like Opeth. Constantly suprising me, creating atmosphere to exactly fit the moods of the song, the switch between his soft voice and his brutal growl has me captivated and utterly undone. There remains no better prog/metal band. The poetics and lingustics of every word used, simply can not be more perfect.

Best Opeth Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/09

This is the song that got me into Opeth. I still love it, and after hearing and knowing every single song they've ever made, this remains my favourite. Such an atmosphere in a song, with the switches between soft and mellow and then the brutal growling parts. The lyrics are brilliant in my opinion as well, very poetic like in most of their song. Opeth is one of my favourite bands, I own almost all of their CD's.

Wow | Reviewer: TearfulTomorrows | 12/22/07

This is one of the only songs that has ever grabbed me by my soul. It touches you in a way not many things can. Another of my absolute favorites is Harvest.... so much atmosphere in a song...

Amazing | Reviewer: Capture | 12/8/07

I don't know what to say. I love this song. It's a perfect mixture of brutal growl and careful singing. It always leaves me in a good mood. I always find something new and amazing sentence in this lyric. You can't do nothing but enjoy it.

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