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Tad Morose The Dragon Tide Lyrics

Last updated: 01/14/2003 08:22:07 PM

Watching the hills from the tower up north he sang, no he bellowed a song
to the glory to the power of Karak Azul
His heart now uneasy it would not be stilled A sickening stench an odour of
greenskin like so many years before

Trollslayers, trollslayers mighty and proud Trollslayers now meet your fate
in this battle you die for you surely will die

The dragon tide will sweep you away The dragon tide will darken this day
Lord, King, see the skies Oh, worse this our doom Accursed be this day It's
memory be black Riding the winds dragons fly

They drop 'hind our lines They strike from above Clansmen stand proud Stare
death in the eye Riding the winds dragons fly