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From their beginnings during the summer of 1965 at Venice
Beach, California, The Doors were truly aband, a remarkable
fusion of creative energies, a lot of attention has been
focused on Jim Morrison which his looks and talents clearly
justify. However, Jim was well aware that the magic of The
Doors could never havehappened without the fortunate
forging of John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and
Jim Morrison into a single creative whole. It is no mystery
why Jim Morrison never went solo; so sympathetic were the
three other More...

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Review about The Doors songs
    ------ About the song Celebration Of The Lizard performed by The Doors

People who are critiquing, or writing anything about Jim Morrison, or the doors, or and the doors,now, light-years away, from those fast and strange times, in a completely different world. A world that was on the verge of innocence into reality. Jim Morrison, was a very shy, and insecure young man. Everyone has a talent, you and I, have a special talent. Jim's talent, was his intellect. He expressed this, through poetry. Was this intelligence only inate? No, of course not. Jim, was very well read. His poetry, reflected his thoughts, on the authors, in which he read and thought were worthy. Did he have magical powers, no, he did have incredible insight, and an amazing ability to influence people. Huxley once said, "once a man knows the truth, it will drive him insane. "I know this to be true. Jim knew this to be true. Doesn't matter what Jim died of, although, it was nothing more than an overdose of herion.
In the celebration of the lizard, although, not mainstream, nor played on the radio, but one of his finest endeavors, means many things. Anyone who has any literary commonsense, realizes there are things that are called,literary genres. This is the way of writing. Not everything is to be taken literally, but possibly metaphorically, symbolically, perhaps something is personified. Was this work, love Jim Morrison's, some type of prophecy, or apocalyptic tale of what's to come? Probably not, but who cares? You the reader, must have the intelligence, to read between the lines. You the reader, you must find what is true, what is true and what matters to you, and what is important for you that will help you through life and to understand life in a better light. It's terrible that all of the greatest writers and thinkers are criticized by men that they're not even try so. The reason usually being is they do not possess the intellect. All I can tell you is I know everything about the doors, 40 years now of listening of watching of reading and it has made me a better person, much one lightened, and happier. I didn't spend my life doing this, but a big part of my life is learning, as it should be for you. If anything in this makes sense, find out what's important for you, find out what will make you better, a better person,a better Son or daughter, father or mother. We are only human, and even heroes often fail. Jack

Interpretations | Reviewer: Blank
    ------ About the song Horse Latitudes performed by The Doors

As he was 16 when he wrote this I doubt there is a hidden meaning.
Waves are know as white horses when they break. Is he not just expanding on that idea?

George Thorogood,,,, Frank Zappa perhaps. | Reviewer: Tim Baird
    ------ About the song Gloria performed by The Doors

I discovered " Alive She Cried " (on cassette) by accident and I immediately went on a crusade to spread the word about this Gem, as it didn't receive much fan fare. Anyway, after I informed many individuals about ASC, I got many a phone calls thanking me for revealing a Door's Treasure. In particular,,,Gloria.

The big sleep | Reviewer: Prof.H
    ------ About the song When The Music's Over performed by The Doors

Jim is first ,an artist, a poet, a musician , a rebel against those tyrants who always have a pretext for their tyranny. Jim is standing against those people that turn the capitalist machine. The people that destroy Mother Nature are making the butterfly scream.before I slip into the big sleep, I want to hear the scream of the butterfly. It's a confirmation of his decision to journey to the other side . Death. You materialistic , condescending , non mind alternative hypocrites. You need to hear the ref blow his whistle , so you can stop running toward the field goal. To know Jim , you have to walk in his shoes. So how long have you lived without talking to your parents, how long have you lived without money, without that cell phone, computer, or television. If you d only take the time to look at the big picture. You'd hear the scream of the butterfly. P.s. It's not audible you idiot.

this song describes the band | Reviewer: reyasem
    ------ About the song Someday Soon performed by The Doors

This song sums up The Doors perfectly. This song is what the doors are, unique, standing out, brave, haunting, full of emotion, perfect in every aspect (musically in harmony, lyrically genius, more-than-just-awesome performance). Seriously, this song really brought out their best, Jim's epic vocal, Robbie's epic guitar, Ray's epic piano, and John's epic drum.

Celebration of the lizard meaning. | Reviewer: Rowan M
    ------ About the song Celebration Of The Lizard performed by The Doors

To understand this song you have to understand why he called himself the "lizard king". The lizard is an ancient symbol for attaining enlightenment, Morrison was well aware of this hence lizard king. Also when he says "ride the snake" in the he is talking about the ancient east-Indian kaundalina serpent energy wrapping around your spine until it reaches your pineal gland in your brain(3rd eye) and reach enlightenment. So the celebration of the lizard is about enlightenment good or bad and you coming along with Morrison for the ride. This is vey apparent in this song in the part: a little game, when he says way back deep into the brain and in the same verse he talks about a labyrinth of streams beneath. This is commonly used metaphor for the many paths their is to take to enlightenment. Also the whole verse at the end of not to touch the earth part when it starts like; Some outlaws live by the side of the lake the ministers daughters in love with a snake, who lives in a well by the side of the road WAKE UP girl were almost home. The words Lake, Snake, Well, Road, Wake up and finally home all have double meanings. One persons comment was talking about the garden of edens snake and you are right but you fail to understand the meaning od the snake and tree of life all together. Also I honestly fell sorry for anyone that beleifs this song is about reptilians or any other david icke thingy. You have to realize that David Icke is only here to make conspiracy theorists look ridiculous and everything he says is complete utter bullshit and please keep that away from this beautiful piece of poetry.

Lost in the dark. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The End performed by The Doors

I think Jim was a great poet and he was fasinated with death.He was most likely tramatized when he saw those dead indians that died in the car wreck..... BREAK ON THRU TO THE OTHER SIDE MR. MOJO RISEN!!!!!

Must | Reviewer: Keith
    ------ About the song The End performed by The Doors

Lyrics from great musicians desereve to be annotated and looked at and understand . If we just listen and don't understand then what? This song is about creation and life and can relate to many other things within life as well. Life and death good and bad yin yang god and the devil. Not that I think the devil and bad are bad things but more necessary yin and yang makes the most sense

Sight Of The Times | Reviewer: Julio Cesar
    ------ About the song When The Music's Over performed by The Doors

First off I most say that in order to understand that song you have to be from that Era..... Of Course I don't remember the 60's cause I was there.

I had the privilege to see most of the concerts of all those bands when they were in their prime, at least all the ones that performed in Miami Florida, sometimes more than once.

To me The Doors were and still is the best American Band of the psychedelic movement, their lyrics, tune arrangements, quality of their performance were extraordinary and not only Jim's talent, people always funnel all the attention to Morrison who "yes" like Elvis there was only one, but let's not leave out Ray, Robby & John because it was proven Jim was nothing without The Doors and The Doors were nothing w/o Jim.

That aside it was an experimental/controversial and protesting time when in our own deep way we wanted to change the world, did we succeed? in part we did in part we did not!!... but nevertheless we had a purpose.

If you watch the opening of their 1968 Hollywood Bowl live concert the music will never be over for you

Yes those times were fun and we were young then, everything that happened was a "Sight Of The Times"

Peace & Love!

heroine | Reviewer: jeanmichel A
    ------ About the song Heroin performed by The Doors

i'm 34 years old and love the doors since i was 17 years old also when i was 20 years till 30 years i was addicted to heroine. nowadays i'm not taking the latter but i still love this one(heroine)

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