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From their beginnings during the summer of 1965 at Venice Beach, California, The Doors were truly aband, a remarkable fusion of creative energies, a lot of attention has been focused on Jim Morrison which his looks and talents clearly justify. However, Jim was well aware that the magic of The Doors could never havehappened without the fortunate forging of John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison into a single creative whole. It is no mystery why Jim Morrison never went solo; so sympathetic were the three other musicians to Jim's mission that such a consideration was out of the question. Robby Krieger, or example, was able to write lyrics and music that sounded more like Morrison than Morrison himself-- among them "Light My Fire," "Love Me Two Times,"and "Love Her Madly." Without Krieger, Manzarek and Densmore there is a strong chance that Jim's songs would never have made it off the page, into rehearsal, onto the stage, into the recording studio and, in defiance of all odds, to successive g
enerations who have since discovered The Doors as a "new" group.

Ray Manzarek, a classically trained pianist, raised in Chicago with a deep love for the blues, wrote the themes for many of the songs and played not only the keyboard parts but simultaneously (with his left hand) propelled the band with melodic driving bass lines. John Densmore, a jazz drummer with an unbeatable knack for shamanic rhythm and theatrical timing... the band's tireless engine. Robby Krieger, a songwriting secret weapon who could play any guitar, from classic flamenco to bottle-neck blues, to creating styles and sounds previously unheard on this planet. And Jim Morrison, the baritone, eclectic/electric poet with an innate compositional gift and the soul of a mystic. Together these men brought The Doors' songs to life, they were equal points of a musical diamond.

The band took its name from the poet-visionary-artist William Blake, who had written, "When the doors of perception are cleansed, things will appear to man as they truly are...infinite." English author Aldous Huxley was sufficiently inspired by Blake's quote to title his book on mescaline experiences The Doors of Perception. Morrison was so connected to both works that he proposed, The Doors, to his bandmates. Everyone agreed that the name, as well as the inspiration from which it sprang, was perfect to convey who they were and clearly representive for what they stood for. The group was signed to Elektra Records, then a small folk-music record company, in July of 1966 by Jac Holzman, Elektra's founder.

By April 1971, The Doors had recorded six landmark studio LP's and a two -record set of live performances, the first seven discs with producer Paul A. Rothchild and the last one co-produced by The Doors and their career-long engineer Bruce Botnick... both The Doors and Elektra had grown into world famed institutions. The band's unstated goal was to accomplish musical alchemy, to fuse rock music with both existential poetry and improvisational theater. Jim was greatly influenced by the nineteenth century poet Arthur Rimbaud and he dutifully imparted Rimbaud's philosophy to the group. Rimbaud advocated a systematic "rational derangement of all the senses in order to achieve the unknown."

Morrison was a man who would not, could not, and did not know how to compromise himself or his art. He was driven to go all the way or die trying, the ultimate ecstatic risk taker. Manzarek, Krieger and Densmore's contribution to this state of creative ecstasy cannot be underestimated. In order for the musical spell to be successfully cast they gave willingly and generously, the power of improvisation that drove Morrison onstage required the other three Doors to not merely play arrangements but to follow Jim's unplanned creative arc perfectly in one of the music's classic and most difficult feats, the art of intuitive accompaniment. Statement to the press, "For me, it was never really an act, those so-called performances.

It was a life-and-death thing, an attempt to communicate, to involve many people in a private world of thought." During the late 1960's bands sang of love and peace while acid was passed out. But for The Doors it was different. The nights belonged to Pan and Dionysus, the gods of revelry and rebirth, and the songs invoked their potent passions, the Oedipal nightmare of "The End," the breathless gallop of "Not to Touch the Earth," the doom of "Hyacinth House," the ecstasy of "Light My Fire," the dark uneasy undertones of "Can't See Your Face in My Mind," and the alluring loss of Consciousness in "Crystal Ship." And as with Dionysus, The Doors willingly offered themselves as a sacrifice to be torn apart, to bleed, to die, to be reborn for yet another night in another town. To be a poet meant more to Morrison than writing poems. It meant embracing the tragedy fate has chosen for you and fulfilling that destiny with gusto and nobility.

In the end, after conquering America, after being shackled by the courts and laws of the land that he loved, he escaped to Paris, traditional home of so many expatriate artists, to pursue his life as a poet. But his body was too worn down, his heart too weak; he had already seen and done and drunk too much. He had lived life on his own terms, had reaped the rewards, and now the bill was due. His spirit was tired. Death was simply closer and easier than returning to America, to the endless succession of stages it demanded. Jim Morrison passed away in Paris on July 3, 1971. His dying wish was to be remembered as a poet.

Pamela Morrison used to tell a story from the very earliest day of The Doors. They were playing their first club, The London Fog. It was their last set of the night and there were only three people in the club, two drunks and Pamela. The band was incandescent. Jim raged and exploded with super-human passion, a transcendent performance. Pam was stunned. In the car she could say nothing...long after arriving home she was still speechless. Jim asked, "What's wrong baby?" Pam said, "There were three people in the club during the last set. But you burned like you were performing for thousands of people. Why did you go so far, risk so much for a tiny audience that was barely aware of your presence?" Jim looked at her and said slowly, "You never know when you're doing your last set." Considering the force of energy generated by The Doors over 25 years ago, that "last set" could well be several generations away.

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the doors. | Reviewer: Jude Pilbeam. | 1/31/14

so, I'm 13 years old and the first time listened to the doors in 2011 I was shocked and stunned, the lyrics really touched me and made me think about things a lot, the doors changed my life. Jim Morrison's poems inspired me to be who I am today, I'll never be the same as I was before 2011 because of them. I know I'm 'too young' to know this, but I'm sure of it. now I stumbled upon this website in a it lesson, I found the biography amazing. The doors could change peoples lives. Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek's deaths really have changed the world. They will always be missed, I'm planning to go France/Paris soon to go see where Jim's buried.

I don't know what else I'll do with my life, including the doors always.

Jim-July 3, 1971.

Ray-20th may 2013.

James Douglas Morrison and Raymond Daniel Manzarek both sadly missed and in everyone's hearts. R.I.P guys

also keep rocking John Densmore and Robby Krieger.

Jim Morrison Is My Husband | Reviewer: RaGotDamQuel :) | 12/6/12

Ohkay So After Reading This It Made Me Fall More In Love With Jim We Are Married Spiritualy <3 The Doors Will Never Die They Will Always Be # 1
Fuckk AnyBody That Doesnt Love The DOORS!!

Hey Ray and Robbie We Need to Meet Up | Reviewer: Julian Malek | 11/8/12

I had a trip where I felt like I was the reincarnation of Jim Morrison which you should probably know given my name's popular currency it would be a lifelong dream to meet Riders on the Storm or see a concert with you in it!

African American 31 year old Doors fan! | Reviewer: Gritts | 8/6/12

I'm a local hip hop artist, here in Indianapolis and I never knew how much I actually liked the Doors, until I listened to "Touch Me." Their sound was amazing and I enjoy listening to the jamming. But my all time favorite song is The Crystal Ship. I can imagine standing on a coast line in Southern California in the middle of the night while a shiny crystal ship moves slowly to the shore.

i listen to doors every day | Reviewer: david | 6/10/12

not one day passes without me listening to the doors i try to learn something new about them every day ,love him,them hate wen people say jim morrison and the doors wen we all now they all needed each other ,peace

A Commitment To The Real | Reviewer: Brian | 6/4/12

Even as a young teenager I could feel the dark realness of the Doors (in contrast to Dark Lite, marketed so well by The Rolling Stones and countless metal bands).
The only other band I've personally discovered to match (maybe even eclipse at times) the realness of The Doors is Joy Division. If you haven't ever heard them, listen to the last disc of Heart and Soul (box set). That live show is so dark and so real you want to shut it off at times. (It's no wonder that Ian Curtis, the lead singer, took his life shortly after.)

Hard to explain | Reviewer: Chris | 6/1/12

Always liked the doors. But when I watched the oliver stone movie when it first came out . It blew me away. It broke it down for me . started to hear between the lines. I got it . I hate to read and ive read 3 biographys . Got all the cassettes all the c ds some records . Banners . Posters . My wife and friends cant listen to them anymore . like he said . Break on thru . !!!

wow | Reviewer: Vinny | 4/16/12

The biography is unbelievably good. The feelings that came over me while reading it.. absolutely inexplicable. The Doors cannot be succeeded, replaced, or even imitated. "Glad/happy/ecstatic/proud" can't even come close to describe just how much joy I feel at the fact that I discovered them early (thanks to my best friend). Along with Pink Floyd, this IS the greatest musical entity in the universe; and although my love for the Floyd will forever remain (and so will my 'fanboy-ness'), there is no denying that Jim's words, Ray's tunes, Robby's grooves, John's beats, and The Doors' passion transcend every single thing in the known world.

1968 | Reviewer: Dan | 8/1/11

In 1968, i was 12 years old. I listened to the song "The End" for the first time. i will never be the same person i was at 12. That song touched me so deeply, i felt the pain, i felt the ecstasy. I will always love the doors. Ray Manzereks keyboards, Jim's poetry, all of it. I don't know much about the history of the band, i just know they affected the rest of my life and i have had "new eyes" since that day in 1968.

the fire sign the serpent the archer the in and out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/11

there is connection with my self, generation,and James Douglas Morrison the # 12 our sign of self torture and ???'s born 12/8 John Lennon dies on that day in America! Lennon's number was # 9 that was when he died in his home land.. in the middle of this time they joined like a moth to the flame so as for my death i dream for what could be from the split atoms union

Need and Want the Doors even more now at 63 | Reviewer: June Kane | 2/19/11

I'm noticing that when I paint, or even if I'm doing dishes, I need the DOORS more than ever. They're always in my heart....but I need...the sound. The vibe. The thoughts-words-beat-music --Keeps me alert, aware, young, here, there...And they'd better play The Doors at my funeral, in 50 years...along with a little Al Jolson....

my favorite music group | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/10

the year was 1978 I was 12 and just discovered the doors. To this day they are my favorite band. The beat writers, philosophers, french poets, none of that matter then. I just liked them. As I grew and read these writers and philosophers it all started to make some sense, at least as far as where the lyrics were coming from. Jim's vision is timeless and universal.
individualy we need to discover ourselves and be willing and brave enough to face our fears. Set your priorities and don't compromise. Be willing to tear down the old and create a new and better world. Nietzsche said the he philosphized with a hammer. If Nietzche could have been a rock star he would have wanted to be Jim Morrison. Jim had a little game called go insane. just close your eyes forget the world, forget the people, and we'll erect a diffent steeple. None of todays musical artist contain this combination of confidence and vision. Jim laid it out there for all to see. It was and is an attempt for all of us to WAKE UP. The doors music will live forever.

ElectricPoet memories | Reviewer: mark | 5/13/09

Read slowly. Kind of slow heavy feeling even about writing this. Roundhouse London 1968. 2 all night concerts. Doors are Open DVD is brilliant but does not do justice to the greatest musical night ever. Never surpassed. never will be. Now I live in LA and Jim still lives here sitting on wall in Laurel Canyon and in Venice on the murals and on the T shirts. 41 years later the music still rings true and pure, his poetry part of my life, still, breath under water till the end.

the doors for ever and be jawn | Reviewer: donld hatings | 4/22/09

first things first mr morrison was born on the 8th of december 1943 and death came to him on the sad morning of 3rd july 1971 if your going to write any thing about the great man him self please read about him first and get your facts right and don,t make things up please xx

sweet 27 | Reviewer: bikran | 3/12/09

the doors,old is gold jim morrison is my favorite singer,his death is on 8th december and my birthday is on 9th december.i consider myself as the the next morrison..mordern rock really makes me feel sick..psychedelic rock music rules..

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