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Just because you can see through punk rock, like a shot
glass of vodka, doesn't mean the fire inside is dead. Two
things matter: Your dosage -- the volume the music sounds
best at – and the potency of the music -- the ultimate
proof. The Distillers haven't spent 12 years on a shelf
mellowing out. They're not so smooth. In fact, the wonder
they create is in their mashing together of very active
ingredients, plundering through punk like it's just being

A little history - Pretend it's Thanksgiving of '98. Take a More...

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Review about The Distillers songs
drain the blood, the heart is wise | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Drain The Blood performed by The Distillers

" the heart pumps until it dies /
drain the blood, the heart is wise"

I think she means she (her heart) can continuing caring until it stops pumping (end/death of love), but once it's done, the blood (the feeling) ceases. The "heart is wise" refers to realizing that she no longer caring for the person as she once did during love (heart pumping, blood flowing = caring, love).

All in all, however (based on other inputs), she still clearly misses this person dearly.

Awesome bro! | Reviewer: Molly
    ------ About the song Sing Sing Death House performed by The Distillers

*ahem*. as a hardcore punk rocker, I love this band, and this is a great song. Hell it's a great album. Brody is the shit. There's honesty in this song--and when she screw's up at the end and laughs, you know it's like, REAL honesty.

(L) | Reviewer: isabella
    ------ About the song The Hunger performed by The Distillers

I think this is an amazing job done, no doubt about that. Brody is an amazing artist and the song rocks..but what most hooks me is the feelings her eyes transmited to me while playing this song shows it means so much to makes it mean the same amount to me. Awsome song for an awsome band. Hold on to the memory, its all you got. Izzy x.

To all the little kids posting comments | Reviewer: Ariana Rifkin
    ------ About the song Drain The Blood performed by The Distillers

You're all fucking retarded. This is why I listen to death metal because there's not a bunch of retarded whiny 12 year olds who can't construct a sentence let alone have a coherent thought. Fuck all you kids. If This chicks voice was a person I'd fuck it. That is all.

this song <3 | Reviewer: alexandria
    ------ About the song Drain The Blood performed by The Distillers

ok one
i wish brody dalle was lesbian even though there would STILL be no chance of me being with her
if you dont like or agree with the lyrics dont sing them
or maybe if you are going to bitch about it BUY THE DAMN ALBUM instead of complaining online
also if any of you little fucks feel like arguing with me
contact me at

i loved it!! | Reviewer: conny
    ------ About the song The Hunger performed by The Distillers

my boyfriend dedicated this song to me... we love eachother alot but i'm living in a diferent country for the moment... we miss eachother alot... in this song it says "Don't go" ... he didn't want me to leave, but i couldn't do anything... he just dedicated me the song saying "don't go... to late to say it but i love you!!!"
thats what the song means to me...

wtf | Reviewer: yo
    ------ About the song Drain The Blood performed by The Distillers

-__________- you guys are all idiots..
just wanted to let you know..
if brody could read this..
she would probably shake her head and laugh at all of us..
its music, not a cause for arument..
she dosnt give a shit what people think, look at her.. so stfu and go on with your day.
also, it says shatterd faith and peral like you.. the lyrics are mostly right..

angry little children

Nihlism | Reviewer: Jared
    ------ About the song Sick Of It All performed by The Distillers

Personally, I claim to be a nihlist raised on violence. As a nihlist, I don't believe in vengence. I believe no one has a choice, even the person making fun of me at school.
I am pessimistic and believe that the universe is in the worst possible condition it can be in for if it were any worse it would cease to exist. So why not cherrish our horrible existence?
As far as inflicting violence on others, I prefer virtual video games.

Coral Fang Review | Reviewer: Eric
    ------ About the song Coral Fang performed by The Distillers

Like every song the Distillers put their name on, Coral Fang is a hard, cord-ripping, "no love here" type song. Every one is entitled to their own opinion, but the similiarities between the Distillers and the band Hole are far a few. The one thing they do share in common is that each of the band's vocalists were the front and centre member of the band, the identity that they are commonly know as to the public. Each of the band's songs are rough, but Brody Dalle makes you feel that what she sings is incredibly personal. It almost makes you feel as if you were there too sharing the personal experience she did. She has the ability to make every song she sings original sounding with her voice alone... And that is what made the Distillers so unique, so original and so mysterious.

BAHAH | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Drain The Blood performed by The Distillers

I love this song, love this band, love Brody Dalle.
But the chick that freaked out over an innocent mistake needs to go.
I'm sure it really doesn't matter whether she's a lesbian or not.
And what does God have to do with it anyhow.
Chill out, go smoke some weed, and get your head out of your ass.

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