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Black Sabbath The Devil Cried Lyrics

Last updated: 04/26/2013 01:13:23 PM

The Devil Cried

One fine day in Hell
The master told a story
Someone lied so well
He sent him back to Glory

There are whispers between the screams
That this deed can be done
Even sinners must dream
And I can be the one to make the Devil cry

I can win this game
If all things come together
I know this sounds quite strange
I won't be smart, just clever

It's the law on the other side

Just one tear lets you run
And though many have tried
I know I'll be the one to make the Devil cry

At last my time has come
I must not give him pleasure
I can be the one
One chance or burn forever

So I told him about my pain
And the life I've been through
He just smiled and the laughter came
Then I told him that I love you, and the Devil cried

Tears from his eyes
Eyes of fire
And the Devil cried

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The Devil Cried | Reviewer: Daniel From Sweden | 4/26/13

From the start i think they should have named the band Heaven And Hell and not Black Sabbath. It is what it is and i think the lineup with Dio and Vinnie is probably the best lineup ever. The three songs on the Dio Years album is amazing. The Devil Cried is a song i always sing along to.

black | Reviewer: Nancy | 2/5/13

Well i guess we all like different styles... but Ian have to say... i know ozzy and DIo's... work... and i tell you thy ate both great... but the way dio sings and performs gives life to the songs... the way no one else does.....

sabbath | Reviewer: brian | 11/23/07

this song makes it even harder to decide if dio or ozzy is better for black sabbath. There are a few ozzy sabbath songs that i love so much- sabbath bloody sabbath, into the void, NIB(and all the others of course just these are my favs).but then on dios side i LOVE heaven and hell, the mob rules, and all the others. when i think about it i probably like dio better.

The Devil Cried | Reviewer: Ed | 8/13/07

another cool tune from Sabbath with Dio. IMHO Dio is the perfect match for Sabbath. Take his mystical song writing, add in the dark evil music that Sabbath is, and you end up with a wonderful combination.

And its my understanding that the dark morbid stuff that Justin talks about was written by Geezer.

Don't get me wrong, I love Sabbath with Ozzy, I just love Sabbath with Dio more!

The Devil Cried | Reviewer: Bob | 7/30/07

I like this song alot. Though i have to disagree with justin. Though Ronnie James Dio did give the band a great sound it was Ozzy that really gave it life. granted that the rest of the members put their stuff into it. it was Ozzy that gave it that dark turn that made the band what it is. but this song and dio's voice that has some great power

Another great song | Reviewer: Drummerhellas | 7/26/07

I agree Justin. Dio is better with the Sabbs and Ozzy is better alone. I think the 70's is a past without returning for Black Sabbath. And the new name "Heaven and Hell" say a new begining for the multiplatinum forefathers of metal. "The devil cried" is just the begining of begining.
God bless you all.

the Devil Cried | Reviewer: Justin | 5/24/07

Alot of the Dio songs, are really great. Dio doesnt capture the dark morbid things like ozzy does, but Dio's Lyrics are Great. Dio is better in Sabbath in my opinion, as ozzy is better going solo with out sabbath.