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Chumbawamba The Devil's Interval Lyrics

Last updated: 06/06/2012 12:00:00 PM

If you should walk out in the morning
To fetch your water from the well
Good people please beware
Little children do take care
Watch out for the devil's interval

When strumming through the woods in springtime
When evening blackbirds coo and caw
Such sounds of joy and sadness
May hide the prince of darkness
Beware the devil's interval
Beware the devil's interval

The kettle whistlin' in the kitchen
The chiming clock that's in the hall
Should they sound e flat to a
Then lucifer is on his way
Here comes the devil's interval
Here comes the devil's interval

Don't take your loved one to the dance hall
Lest music drag you down to hell
Pay no mind to songs like these
For I may be Mephistopheles
Singing the devil's interval
Singing the devil's interval

Aaahaa...Aahaa...Aahaa...Aaah [x3]

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