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It's me I hate, not you at all
I am my own medicine,
Turned into a poison.

I think I gave you a lot,
And not enough... I know
Tortured myself, same as you,
Without losing my sanity.
Where's my applause?

I see no reason to live in Hell.
How can life make me feel so incomplete?

I had a weakness and my walls came down
My tears won't reach the ground.
Burn my new wound.

I know I cannot feel regret for anything
If I was numb, I'd end this once and for all
I feel the burn, still...

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I cannot face this day, my guards are down
I cannot love myself... weak, sad clown.

I see myself, in fading colors,
I see no hope there, where I always used to...

I fear your words, the things they mirror.
Maybe that is all I am, just a reflection... please help me...

I see no reason to live in Hell,
When you smile, you make me feel incomplete.

But it's all ending, the clock's rewinding,
We don't mean anything to me.
You think I killed this silence for us to make things right.
The words are loaded, once connected,
One torso, one head,
One solid reason, the pain!
If love's the neck, kept us together, and apart...
Now it's broken!

There is no cast, no salvation,
When it is broken, it will stay that way,
Believe me when I say this
I would not if I did not care!

Tears don't mean anything, if we don't know when we're sorry.
No one will win today we can't play this game... this way.

We cannot soar and still stay on the ground,
Don't wanna see me, hear me, hate me...

Hate, hate, hate, hate
Hate, hate, hate, hate!

Jealousy's a phantom,
Something that was never, ever meant to find me,
But now its pale green eyes have destroyed everything.

You know how it must hurt, and I know,
There is nothing you've done to deserve this.

Apology's a policy,
Sometimes it really has to be, it's kept me afloat thus far...

This sure nuf's one nice
loose noose, perfect times...
Are we happy in this hell?
Is there someone who can measure,
Whose pain is bigger?

It all has ended, the clock's rewinded.
We don't mean anything to me.
You think I killed this silence for you to end the night.
The words are loaded, unprotected,
One torso, no head,
One valid reason, the life's suspended
If love's the neck that kept us together, and apart...
Now it's broken...

There's no cast, no real solution,
When it is broken, it will stay that way.
Believe me when I say this
I would not if I did not care.

Who needs who, when and what the hell for?
Who wants to suffer and be hardcore?
And who's strong enough to peel off the dead skin?

I cannot face this day, my guards are down...

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song of betreyal and the fight to forgive | Reviewer: Maurygami | 12/17/13

In a personal way i feel this song are about that feelings who born when the person you love, betray your trust and in some way manage to stay with you, and despite the cheated one try to forgive and love like before, the anger, hate, inconfidence stay there and cannot let your mind in peace, and becomes a hell where you dont know what to do.. then you ask yourself: i need this?, perhaps we both deserve better..

Really real song with a real message.. | Reviewer: Ancano Ampora | 11/19/13

If you can't handle a friendship with depressed people don't even befriend them in the first place. All it'll cause is pain and more depression in the end.
I feel this song, I really do. I really want to off myself right now because of something that happened recently with a friend. I think Sonata Arctica is incredible at writing songs that resonate with people, even if it's on subject matter that they aren't currently battling with. I don't know if anyone in the band has depression, but if there isn't then it's just amazing how accurately they write the feelings of depression into a beautiful song like this.

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