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Dead Milkmen, who started their career in Philadelphia in
the mid 1980s (with the single Milkmen Stomp), represented
a light, silly, sub-Ramones-ic form of punk-rock that many
despised as utterly meaningless. Musical skills were
minimal, but then so were the skills of hardcore bands at
large. Their satirical art was, actually, the last remnant
of a decade-old tradition of controversial comedians that
ranked the likes of Frank Zappa and the Fugs among its
musical purveyors. The problem is that the Dead Milkmen did
not offer enough More...

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Reviews about The Dead Milkmen songs

ha ha ha i wanna cry when this song ends! | Reviewer: chris
    ------ About the song Bitchin' Camaro performed by The Dead Milkmen

FAVORITE DEAD MILKMEN SONG!!! ha ha ha i get kinda sad when this song ends. ya know how dave blood commited suicide a few years ago? dude i just found that out! i was laughing at one of there songs so i typed in dead milkmen on google and i read a couple of years ago dave blood killed himself! i nearly cried! i was shocked! THAT TOTALLY SUCKS HES DEAD! well the dead milkmen already broke up! BUT THESE GUYS BREAKING UP SUCKS! THAT F**KING STUPID HOW HE KILLED HIMSELF! $#!% but anyway hilarious song bro! i walk singing the intro sometimes! ha ha ha these guys are funny!

hilarious song | Reviewer: troy
    ------ About the song Takin' Retards To The Zoo performed by The Dead Milkmen

ha ha ha! that's great! i love that song man! ha ha! "fah la la la takin reatards to the zoo" one of my favorite dead milkmen songs! $#!% what a funny song

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