The Dead Milkmen Albums

  • Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig) Album (11/7/1995)
    Peter Bazooka
    Train I Ride
    The Girl With The Strong Arm
    I'm Flying Away
    Helicopter Interiors
    The Blues Song
    The Man Who Rides The Bus
    Don't Deny Your Inner Child
    When I Get To Heaven
    I Can't Stay Awake
    Chaos Theory
    Like To Be Alone
    Big Deal

  • Not Richard But Dick Album (8/1/1993)
    Leggo My Ego
    I Dream Of Jesus
    Jason's Head
    Not Crazy
    Let's Get The Baby High
    Little Volcano
    Nobody Falls Like
    I Started To Hate You
    The Infant Of Prague Customized My Van
    The Woman Who Was Also A Mongoose

  • Soul Rotation Album (4/14/1992)
    At the Moment
    The Secret of Life
    Big Scary Place
    Belafonte's Inferno
    The Conspiracy Song
    How It's Gonna Be
    All Around the World
    Silly Dreams
    Wonderfully Colored Plastic War Toys
    God's Kid Brother
    If I Had a Gun
    Here Comes Mr. X
    Shaft in Greenland

  • Metaphysical Grafitti Album (4/1/1990)
    Beige Sunshine
    Do The Brown Nose
    Methodist Coloring Book
    Part 3
    I Tripped Over The Ottoman
    The Big Sleazy
    If You Love Somebody, Set Them On Fire
    Dollar Signs In Her Eyes
    In Praise Of Sha Na Na
    Epic Tales Of Adventure
    I Hate You, I Love You
    Now Everybody's Me
    Little Man In My Head
    Anderson, Walkman, Buttholes And How!
    Cousin Earl

  • Beelzebubba Album (8/1/1988)
  • Bucky Fellini Album (8/1/1987)
  • Eat Your Paisley! Album (8/1/1986)
  • Big Lizard In My Backyard Album (8/1/1985)

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