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Metallica The Day That Never Comes Lyrics

Last updated: 09/03/2014 11:38:24 AM

Born to push you around
Better just stay down
You pull away
He hits the flesh
You hit the ground

Mouth so full of lies
Tend to black your eyes
Just keep them closed
Keep praying
Just keep waiting

Waiting for the one
The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
But the sunshine never comes
No, the sunshine never comes

Push you cross that line,
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Just stay down this time
Hide in yourself
Crawl in yourself
You'll have your time

God I'll make them pay
Take it back one day
I'll end this day
I'll splatter color on this gray

Waiting for the one
The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
But the son shine never comes

Love... is a four letter word,
And never spoken here
Love... is a four letter word,
Here in this prison

I suffer this no longer,
I'll put an end to this, I swear
This, I swear The sun will shine
This, I swear,
This, I swear,
This, I swear!

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Good | Reviewer: wtf dude | 4/10/13

Are you stupid, right? When I made that comment -back in 2011 by the way you blind cunt- the lyrics were messed up. Take a time to see the date of the comments before making stupid statements or calling someone 'a dick', but it seems you can't since you're an idiot without any possible repair.

wtf dude? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/12

"who is messing up with the lyrics? damn these mother fucker!!
*Born to push, you're round,
Better just gay down*
*Push lacrose that line
Just stay down this time*
*Waited for the Juan
The day that never comes*
Re-fix this please."

WTF Dude? the lyrics are right, and you're just being a dick.

wtf? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/11

who is messing up with the lyrics? damn these mother fucker!!
*Born to push, you're round,
Better just gay down*
*Push lacrose that line
Just stay down this time*
*Waited for the Juan
The day that never comes*
Re-fix this please.

MTF YES! | Reviewer: waffle | 5/27/11

This is real shit |m|, totally love smetallica since kill them all, but i really hate the for a while since reload..., anyways, metallica back to basics with death magnetic, hope the do some more good music like this :B

Music Video | Reviewer: Abby | 3/16/11

Well the music video is something along the lines of war. Or at least I recall. Let me know if I'm wrong. I do believe though that the song IS about child abuse, it just makes perfect sense when you listen to it. When I watched the music vid, it was all about war. I don't know what the guys were trying to do but either way, this song can be interpreted many a way. Metallica will ALWAYS be my favorite band of a lifetime. Metal up your ass guys and keep on rockin the fuck out of life.

Just for clarification | Reviewer: Mitch | 12/23/10

I bought this album shortly after release, and the lyrics included said "son shine", not sunshine. Great song from a great album. Metallica has been my favorite band for as long as I can remember, and they will continue to be for years to come. Metallica rocks my socks off. METAL UP YOUR ASS! R.I.P. Cliff Burton

meaning | Reviewer: Ryan Cooper | 12/14/10

The video has nothing to do with the song.

It's about child abuse. You can always interpret Metallica songs in different ways, that's what makes them so great, but this song is clearly about child abuse, told from their point of view. They hope one day that their parents change their ways, because they feel helpless as their parents lie to the police when the kid calls for help.

Mettalica is kick ass | Reviewer: saurav | 9/30/10

through album, Metallica proved that they can never be beaten no matter how old they are. True talent never dies. They are LEGEND. I love this song very much. The lyrics of this song are very deep. I Love Metallica as I am extremely influenced by 'em. And i always will. There talent can never be expressed through words. Metallica means above all. Hail METALLICA

This song. | Reviewer: This song. | 8/23/10

I love Metallica and always have. I like ALL of thier albums and can play alot of thier songs on guitar i dont go a day without listening to them and they are my main influence. BUT.... The first time i heard fade, welcome, one, nothing, the hairs on the back of my neck went up. Im afraid with this song though, i didnt. The riffs arnt as stand out and moving. The lyrical content as always has depth which is great but im just not moved in any way by this song. The rest of the album is good though, truly showing Metallicas true tallents.
Anyway, Metallica is THE best band ever with a song for everyone, whether it be from kill em all all the way to DM. I hope there are more albums to come.

Great lyrics | Reviewer: Sunshine | 5/23/10

This song is just absolutely genious. The lyrics are so deep, true and meaningful. You can think of them any how you like, even though they were written about war - you could understand the lyrics as your devastated love, someone bullies you or you had trouble with your family and someone was beating you. It's a great way to express your anger in a useful way, and it's called art. The instrumental part in the end sounds like a conversation between the guitars, and it's pure emotions. Perfect. Amazing :D It's probably the best song off their new album. Love it!!

awesome!! | Reviewer: poon | 1/23/10

metallica's lyrics are so meaningfull 'the day that never comes' has such a meaning that americans and the world are still waiting for "the day", the day when the talibans and other terrorists will be terminated and the world will be peacefull....But will that day ever come????
i think thats what the song says..and i really fuckin hate al-qaeda n talibans..but not in a sense of riligions and racial discriminations..

metallica rules | Reviewer: hammad | 1/9/10

metallica's first four albums were true masterpieces.the later albums were also great (yeah even st anger) but were not able to reach the standard of their first albums.but death magnetic proved that no matter how old they get they will kick ass!!!!as said in whiplash'we never quit we'll never stop cuz we're metallica'.this album is one of their best and i would give it the respect i gave to and justice for all.METAL UP YOUR ASS.PS for those dicks who still think think metallica is one of "the has beens" should give this album a try.and if they still don't like it they can go and bang a statue

Death Magnetic | Reviewer: NN | 1/8/10

I have to say this album rocks! Each song has something in it that is actually great, powerful, expressive, they're not just a bunch of solos and rhytms put together.
In the TDTNC case, the lyrics are wonderful, the more you listen to them, the more meaningful they become to me. And there are so many ways to interpret them... there is the magic of the song, I guess.
Met 4EVER!
PS: Excuse my English

Woah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/09

I have listened to most of Metallicas stuff, and to be honest, they have yet to disappoint me.
By listening to this song they hae shown that theyve still got it and can still make wonderful stuff.
Im assuming that the song (and the video really) is about the day that americans and the army stop being prejudiced and considering that anyone of another race is a possible terrorist, which is a day that will probably never come.

Earthshattering | Reviewer: BMF | 5/1/09

To a diehard Metallica fan, this song is a breath of fresh air. Not a balad, not a thrash song, TDTNC is pure powerful. The melodies are captivating, but the riffs are breathtaking.

To those who think Metallica's lyrics are shallow, I have to wonder if we are listening to the same song. Almost everything they've written since MOP has been autobiographical, and one of the things that impresses me most about Metallica is the depth and vividness of their lyrics. TDTNC doesn't disappoint: these lyrics are amazing, powerful, vibrant, and touching.

I think this song will forever be remembered as one of Metallica's best.