The D.O.C. Albums

  • Helter Skelter Album (1/23/1996)
    Intro (Helter Skelter)
    Return Of Da Livin' Dead
    From Ruthless 2 Death Row (Do We All Part)
    Secret Plan
    Komurshell (Mo' Hair)
    4 My Doggz
    45 Automatic
    Sonz O' Light
    Interlude (in Helter Skelter)
    Erotix Shit
    Welcome To The New World
    Killa Instinc
    Brand New Formula
    Crazy Bitchez

  • No One Can Do It Better Album (11/1/1989)
    It's Funky Enough
    Mind Blowin'
    Lend Me An Ear
    Comm. Blues
    Let The Bass Go
    Beautiful But Deadly
    The D.O.C. & The Doctor
    No One Can Do It Better
    Whirlwind Pyramid
    Comm. 2
    The Formula
    Portrait Of A Masterpiece
    The Grand Finale (featuring N.W.A.)

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