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Through more than 20 extravagant years and 20 extraordinary
albums The Cure have done it all in their own unmistakable
way. Free, independent, wilful, unconfined, the band have
spent most of their career creating and exploring in the
strange places where the worlds of mainstream and
alternative collide. They have developed a range of
uniquely distinctive sounds and styles, and in the process
created as great a body of contemporary music as you could
wish to hear.

With over 27 million albums sold, The Cure's achievements
on every More...

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Review about The Cure songs
    ------ About the song Open performed by The Cure

Okay then,
I didn't understand a couple lines....for me it's very familiar. Party...always the same.."this IT" I've become...when my life's become "numb"...

I really think it sums up the whole "Sex, drugs, R&R" in a nut shell...
I think Robert Smith, Simon, the whole band are AMAZING! But RS is a genius in terms of his brilliant writing and just the lyrics seem so relatable, but he's the only song writer that says what we are all thinking. For me anyway-

Serano in SF

Full of emotions | Reviewer: CuRe
    ------ About the song To Wish Impossible Things performed by The Cure

Its just amazing how this song is able to transmit the emotions, hopes and dreams that love is capable to produce in our lives, and also transmits the sadness when it comes to an end.

Sometimes I dream of Kara | Reviewer: Scott Brewer
    ------ About the song Charlotte Sometimes performed by The Cure

This song is so good and was such a major part of my friend Jay and my existence combing the beach at Kitty Hawk under the shooting stars with the fresh, new, exciting scents from perfumes Kara and Stephanie wore. My entire life, I have been trying to figure out a way to get back that feeling of freedom and happiness. Miss you

Prettier than ever | Reviewer: Manuelopocshtli
    ------ About the song Last Dance performed by The Cure

i think the lyric it's a kind memory about something special for him, and he is trying to say goodbye to the "woman" and remembering the girl that he used to love.

YES | Reviewer: Gallither
    ------ About the song Harold and Joe performed by The Cure

I love how this song is about Simon (Gallup), tbh.
Robert said so. In the booklet of Join The Dots there's this quote of Robert's that said thar "Harold and Joe" was about Simon.

"Mint Car" is also about him. :)

the streets all looked so strange they seemed so far away | Reviewer: Mikey J.
    ------ About the song Charlotte Sometimes performed by The Cure

As with a lot of the songs Robert was writing during this period the lyrics are absolutely gorgeous. Love how he uses the multiple vocals to make the words come pouring in like your're in some kind of dream sequence. Words really can't describe how amazing this makes me feel when I listen to it turned up.

The frowning gran | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Drowning Man performed by The Cure

Just one of the dozens of classic tunes written by the cure from 1980-1992. Let's face it after wild mood swings in 96 it was clear they wouldn't return to their earlier genius. Still some good tunes but no great albums. Great music should be enjoyed not analysed. The drowning man is quite simply a fucking good song ripped off from a poem my good people.

Lost but where?... | Reviewer: Bluemonday
    ------ About the song A Forest performed by The Cure

We can be lost in a forest all alone...
A forest is a land so full of trees that you can loose yourself into...As the world is a land full of people where you can loose yourself too...

playing the dream | Reviewer: Victoria Lee iplayi
    ------ About the song Just Like Heaven performed by The Cure

I cover this song ...I feel I have a relationshipto it, as I am sure many people do....
I won't repeat what is said by the others,, the genius of dreamy layers of poetic bliss and that incredible guitar line. mmm hmmm!!;~}
Thank you Robert Smith and The cure fordeath incredible song and everything, every song, every lyric, every cool guitar riff, baseline... Sirius Masters! you're one of the few of my idols that I haven't got to play with...
Maybe I'll upload YouTube

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea performed by The Cure

I heard this song at Austin City Limits, it was surreal, it was hot all day and when The Cure came on the weather started changing and when they played "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea" a cold front came in. It's like they caused this phenomenom and the music was haunting and dragging me into world pain and euphoria, I did not want leave this new world, I just let myself go and gave in to this great experience, thank you Robert Smith, you are a genious.

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