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For too long, electronic dance music has been the domain of
studio-oriented British artists schooled in Detroit techno
and Chicago house. American originals The Crystal Method
are helping change that with their bristling brand of
electronica - played live as well as on record - which
stems from a love of rock, hip-hop, electronic and soul.
The Crystal Method's Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland helped
re-establish America's place on the dance music map with
the acclaimed 1994 City of Angels single "Now Is the Time,"
which married samples More...

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Reviews about The Crystal Method songs

that's hot! teckno music from the movie "3000 miles to graceland" | Reviewer: angela
    ------ About the song Vapor Trail performed by The Crystal Method

this music is so hot! great to get the heart and blood pumping! Kurt Russell, Kevin Kostner and Emileo Estaves dressed as elvis during Elvis week and rob a Casino, this music is so HOT, the movie 3000 miles to Graceland is one of my favorites" oh yeah baby, great music to exercise to or just plain get you excited, music feels so good

Squash the bass | Reviewer: Trickyelf
    ------ About the song Sine Language (feat. LMFAO) performed by The Crystal Method

Hilarious! This is not your grandfather's crystal method.

Also in the lyrics, the second part of the verse is 'Sidechain squash the bass.'

An audio compressor typically has an input for the signal to be compressed and a 'sidechain' input, where another signal can be used to control the output of the input being compressed. Like at K-mart when a blue-light special is announced over the muzak, the muzak is the input to the compressor and the microphone is the sidechain. When the announcer speaks, the compressor automatically turns down (squashes) the muzak. This feature can be used to add funky modulation to a bassline.

And of course, "Sideways, make the bass" refers to being completely drunk while making the recording :)


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