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the crucified originally formed in 1984 as kgb (kids in
God's blessings) with wayne stonecifer on vocals and
practicing out of jim chaffin's garage. they hadn't played
a show before wayne quit and they got mark salomon for lead
screamer. one demo was recorded in 1985 under the kgb name
and in 1986, most of them in their mid-teens, they changed
their name to the crucified and recorded take up your
cross. two more demos and two full length albums followed.
when i saw them in 1992 they played songs from the upcoming
3rd record... More...

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osfeUFMKfNH | Reviewer: Cody
    ------ About the song Thread performed by The Crucified

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The Wrong One | Reviewer: Kelly Matthews
    ------ About the song The Wrong One performed by The Crucified

Hands down, The Crucified is one of the best Christian bands in history. 'The Wrong One' is a prime example of the intensity of this band. The music is powerful and the lyrics are in-your-face. Great metal.

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