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I fed the clues of a lost day killed in motion.
But I thought of it so like there's no other way it could've been done.
Will they size my fit for a puzzle I wish not to play a part in it?
A heart stained in hate, a feeling of fear will play circles.

But you, you were my favorite.
But you, you know, you were my favorite.

I severed my ties to shroud this body under the streets of this city.
And wait for the day when I am summoned to walk across the face.
Well, slowly but clearer now, in visions that play and plague memories.
I loved them with all as the son should to mother and father.

But you, you were my favorite.
But you, you know, you were my favorite.

Would I walk through the door, shedding the light of all life?
With the rise and reform, would I come as before?

Pray you're not the only one
Pray you're not the only...

If given mistakes, would I take them back?
If erasing them could, if erasing them would?
But would they be the words that I would say?
Your face and a door between.
I've parted three ways,
For you, the Newo that I love...Love....

Did you ever really know before my face shamed to break?
Did you ever really know before my mind scared to think?
Did you ever really know before my name son to these?
Did you, did you, did you come clean in the end from the start?

Dear Ambellina, the Prise wishes you to watch over me.
Dear Ambellina, the Prise wishes all to watch over me

I fought the decisions that called and lost.
My mark has the relevant piece in this,
I will come reformed.
In short, for the murders of those I court,
I bless the hour that holds your fall.
I will kill you all!!

I will call you
Out from shelter (I will Cross you out)
Burn your wings
You'll know no better(Burn your wings)
I will call you
Out from shelter (I will call you out)
Burn your wings and
Learn their letters (burn your wings)
I Will Call You (Dear Ambellina)
Out From Shelter (The Prise Wishes You)
Burn Your Wings (To Watch Over Me)
Youll Know No Better (Burn Your Wings)
I Will Call You (Dear Ambellina)
Out From Shelter (The Prise Wishes You)
Burn Your Wings And(To Watch Over Me)
Learn Their Letters(Burn Your Wings)...[Fade]

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The Crowing Review | Reviewer: Chelsea | 5/3/11

This is such an amazing song, no matter if you know the story or not. I love how the emotion of the song builds from nostalgia and sadness, to realization, to rage!

This song is told in the perspective of Claudio. Before, he doubted that he was the chosen one, rather "The Crowing." Now he's beginning to accept it even though he doesn't want to (Will they size my fit for a puzzle I wish not to play a part in it?).

When he refers to Newo, or his 'favorite' (But you, you know you were my favorite) he means his high school girlfriend that he loved before he ran away.

When he says 'Dear Ambellina, the Prise wishes you to watch over me,' he is accepting the help of the angel that was sent to protect him and then accepts that he is the chosen one and becomes pretty pissed off at his enemies. (I will come reformed. In short, for the murders of those I court,I bless the hour that holds your fall.
I will kill you all!!")

Well, that's it :)

lol | Reviewer: Cambrio | 2/14/10

@ron dude its called amory wars. @wuzzman you might be right but that dudes opinion is just as legit as ur u cant fully interpret a song to everyone. he probly never read the comics he has no clue claudio is the he is as just as right as you.

this song i think is one of their most epic songs. some other cool songs to check is everything evil, three evils, oh yeah and the broken there new single coming out on year of the black rainbow.

Gnarly | Reviewer: Henry | 9/25/08

I think there's a mistake in the lyrics here.
I hear the fourth line of the first verse as

"A heart stained in hate, a feeling, I fear, will play circles."

Makes more sense to me.
Now that we have that out of the way...

I love this song! I even learned to play it on my guitar! The instrumentals are crazy good, as well as the insane lyrics. It goes along with the storyline as well, so all in all one of my favorite songs.

The bringer of God's wrath | Reviewer: Nimdae | 1/8/08

In the story, God said in a sort of riddle that should man try to rise up and defy God, he will return and change the face of man. Should the Prise interfere, he will destroy all. There was no mention of the Mages. The Mages fought a war, resulting in a single "Tri-Mage" ruling the rest. Man created 3 creatures to fight against the Mages, which was a defiance of God, since the Mages were provided by God to rule over man. The Prise saw the corruption of the Mages and sought to help man defy the Mages, in turn interfering with the way things were to be. The 3 creatures birthed a child that survived the destruction of the rest of the "family" that contains a mutation of the virus man created that is more powerful than what man created, giving this man the power to destroy all that was left. This man is referred to as The Crowing. "I will kill you all!"

Newo was Claudio's girlfriend before all hell broke loose. Ambellina was a Prise whose wings were burned to banish her from the Prise to watch over Claudio as he became The Crowing. In the story, Claudio grows feelings for Ambellina, but still loves Newo. When Ambellina is killed, she says to Claudio that if she were made to love, she would have loved him.

The story is complex. There is a lot leading up to this (Second Stage Turbine Blade), and a lot after this as well (Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV).

I guess I should review the song at this point. It plain rocks, one of my favorite. IRO Bot/Hidden Track is also great.

The Armory Wars | Reviewer: wuzzman | 12/16/07

yeah, it bot a lot of references to The Armory Wars, if you like their music you should deffinatly at least read the wiki article, everything makes a lot more sense. Ambrellina is a fallen Prise who burns her wings off to watch over "The Crowing" Claudio,but the end of this song is my favorite two and a half minutes of music easily.

Insane | Reviewer: Vas | 11/30/07

The last seconds of this song are epic...impossible how all the voices combine at the same time to form a vivid image and sound...

the crowing | Reviewer: ron | 11/28/07

this song is pretty amazing. one of my favorites. but the crowing reference is from their story. the character Claudio is "the crowing." huge story which is too much to write, but you deff should look into it

Crows and Mountains! | Reviewer: Sara | 10/25/07

I love this song. The backing music to the chorus is eargasmic. The name completely suits it. The guitar just makes it sound so "crowing". When I hear the music I can imagine ravens and mountains and really dark stuff. It's really good!

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