The Cribs Lyrics

he Cribs are brothers:

Gary Jarman - bass
Ryan Jarman - guitar
Ross Jarman - drums

As Christmas descended upon 2003, a cock sure triumvirate
emerged blinking out of the mist that engulfed their native
homeland ... The Cribs, armed with nothing less than 100%
confidence, and an armful of songs partnered with a more
than healthy disdain of most of the music being made by
their contemporaries, hit the road running.

The band crisscrossed the ubiquitous small town tour
itinerary ... several times, before hitching up with
Wichita Recordings to quench their thirst - sometimes more
than More...

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Review about The Cribs songs
    ------ About the song Leather Jacket Love Song performed by The Cribs

I feel like this song is about a strange Romeo and Juliet complex in denial consciously. First stanza is about not seeing eachother or forgeting about one and other and he is feeling her as a dependence leading him to bad actions just by dreaming a fantasy and doing sweet things (singing guitar songs for her ?) as it is called this "leather jacket love song" .He is misbelieving it is not the same situation to her, he is actually distancing from her. The second stanza he explains why he is being influenced bad by her without innocence( no fault).He declares himself weak and not ready to succed in life.No doubtly she can be a "saving grace", by quotes.He feels now like not worthy for her.But somehow I feel he is vibrating the same way as she, but he wants her good.Third stanza he just wants to know if the girl has that after break-up connection the same as he, so he can, in some way to keep the memories, and have some interior peace that the connection between them never ended...

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