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Dream Theater The Count Of Tuscany Lyrics

Last updated: 04/05/2013 12:32:28 PM

Several years ago,
In a foreign town
Far away from home,
I met the Count of Tuscany.
A young eccentric man,
Bred from royal blood;
Took me for a ride
Across the open countryside.

“Get into my car!
Let’s go for a drive!
Along the way,
I’ll be your guide.
Just step inside!
Maybe you’ll recall
A cannibal curator,
A character inspired by my brother’s life.”

Winding through the hills,
City far behind,
On and on we drove
Down narrow streets
And dusty roads.
At last we came upon
A picturesque estate
On sprawling emerald fields,
An ancient world of times gone by.

“Let me introduce my brother.”
A bearded gentleman, historian,
Sucking on his pipe;
Distinguished accent
Making me uptight—
No accident!

I, I wanna stay alive!
Everything about this place just doesn’t feel right.
I, I don’t wanna die!
Suddenly, I’m frightened for my life.

I wanna say goodbye.
This could be the last time you see me alive.
I, I may not survive—
Knew it from the moment we arrived.

“Would you like to see
Our secret holy place?
I come here late at night
To pray to Him by candlelight.”
Then viewing through the glass,
I saw with disbelief,
Still dressed in royal clothes
The saint behind the altar.

“History recalls,
During times of war,
Legend has been traced
Back inside these castle walls,
Where soldiers came to hide
In barrels filled with wine.
Never to escape,
These tombs of oak are where they died.”

Down the cellar stairs,
I disappear.
Like the angel’s share,
The end is near!
“Come and have a taste—
A rare vintage.
All the finest wines
Improve with age.”

I, I wanna stay alive!
Everything about this place just doesn’t feel right.
I, I don’t wanna die!
Suddenly, I’m frightened for my life.

I wanna say goodbye.
This could be the last time you see me alive.
I, I may not survive—
Knew it from the moment we arrived.

Could this be the end?
Is this the way I die,
Sitting here unknown,
No one by my side?
I don’t understand.
I don’t feel that I deserve this.
What did I do wrong?
I just don’t understand...

(I just don’t understand...)

Give me one more chance.
Let me please explain.
It’s all been circumstance.
I’ll tell you once again:
You took me for a ride,
Promising a vast adventure;
Next thing that I know,
I’m frightened for my life.

“Now, wait a minute man!
That’s not how it is!
You must be confused.
That isn’t who I am.
Please don’t be afraid!
I would never try to hurt you.
This is how we live,
Strange although it seems.
Please try to forgive!

The chapel and the saint,
The soldiers in the wine,
The fables and the tales—
All handed down through time.
Of course you’re free to go,
Go and tell the world my story:
Tell about my brother;
Tell them about me,
The Count of Tuscany!”

Thanks to Emylia Hawke for submitting The Count Of Tuscany Lyrics.

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In defence of DT | Reviewer: Austin Garcia | 4/4/13

@fakename a disgrace to music? Are you crazy? You want to see a disgrace to music? Take a look at todays mainstream hip hop garbage music that advertises getting high and drunk and thug-like behaviors. That's disgraceful.

Amazing intro, and last 5 min. | Reviewer: matt8675 | 2/28/13

If the song was shortened and got rid of some of the odd middle vocals, it would be so much better. The last 5 minutes were the best, you have to admit, it is magical. I cut out the first 14 minutes of the song because I liked the ending so much.

i loved the lyrics | Reviewer: thoplo | 9/29/12

Of course you're free to go
Go and tell the world my story
Tell about my brother
Tell them about me
The Count of Tuscany
there's a message.the devoted counts were nt satisfied.they were disappointed that most of the people didnt care about them.

Epic | Reviewer: Metalmarsh89 | 9/24/12

This really is just a story, somewhat similar to the rest of this album. Calling the lyrics laughable in a ridiculing sense doesn't give it credit. Understand that Petrucci was fearing for his life, considering all the tales he was told, and all the things he saw during his ride. Many people don't often find themselves in a situation where they know their life is very much in jeopardy. Hence, that idea is very hard to describe through a song.

This song is quite the epic though. Musically, it's comparable to songs such as Echoes (Pink Floyd) and Hemispheres (Rush), with similar structures. It may not be their best lyrically, but it implies the correct mood, and every bit of this song is just fantastic.

Awesome... | Reviewer: Bhiswadeb Ishan Guha | 9/18/12

Maybe this was Dream Theater's attempt to make one more song like Octavarium...but it turned out to be something great but less than Octavarium...
The musical part of the song is just too of the world best...But lyrics is nowhere near to Octavarium, Another Day, Hollow Years, Misunderstood and etc.

Love this song | Reviewer: James | 7/3/12

I see that a fair amount of people here don't seem to like the lyrical content of this song. I, for one, love it. It's a simple story, but there's foreboding in the story, and it's know of creepy. Plus, since it's Dream Theater, the music is, of course, amazing. I love this song, and I don't understand why so many don't like the lyrics.

Could have been Dream Theater's greatest song | Reviewer: fakename | 8/28/11

Great music, but the lyrics are laughable, the concept is bogus, and Portnoy thinking he's the lead singer ruins the song. This could have been one of Dream Theater's best songs, but it shall forever marred as a disgrace to music.

Life story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/09

The entire BC&SL album was intended to be autobiographical. Looking for hidden meanings is much more difficult when a literal one is right under your nose. I don't care to look further into this song lyrically than a simple story from Petrucci's life. But the music is great, as always.

thanks! =D | Reviewer: alexthedude | 8/28/09

hey prog man. thanks. i still couldnt find it. but thanks for clearing it up. and now it makes sense where he is being told to tell about him, his brother, and how its not like that at the ending! thanks a lot. im seeing them live tonite at the joint in las vegas. so excited.

No message | Reviewer: Prog Fan | 8/22/09

Not all Dream Theater songs have messages. Most of them don't.
The song is about Petrucci a few years ago when he's offered a ride through the country by an Italian count. John obliges, and is goes on the ride. On the way, they pick up the count's weird brother, and the count begins telling John about terrible acts such as cannibalism that occured at the places they are passing. John begins to fear for his life, because he thinks the count and his brother plan to kill him (and maybe eat him). The count notices John's fear and reassures him that he has no such plan. Turns out the count is just a weirdo who thought that tourists enjoyed hearing about people being eaten throughout history. The lyrics are really literal.

great song... but... | Reviewer: A different dude then that one... | 8/14/09

i still cant figure out what the hidden meaning to this song is...? i just cant figure it out... like the saint - the chapel - the wine - and the soldiers... also who his brother is... and why he is frightend of dying there...
anybody know the message in the song? email me if you wanna help. thank you.
also @Some Dude: it of course has a message in it, as all Dream Theater songs do.

Great song | Reviewer: Some dude | 7/15/09

This song has uplifting melodies, and the darker verses in the middle of the composition are lots of fun to sing along to. I just don't feel the lyric suits the mood though... the music is absolutely brilliant, and most certainly makes this song epic both in its length and its enjoyability, but the words seem to tell a story about some guy showing another guy his house.