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I would like to introduce my side project. I'm calling it
The Color Fred, a name that won by popular vote in a poll I
posted online. The Color Fred started back in the days of
my former band, Breaking Pangaea. It was during this era in
my career that I spent much of my free time in a dark,
remote corner of my house that was my basement studio. The
outcome of this time spent was a collection of songs far
removed from anything else I was playing at the time. Most
of the songs were acoustic guitar with singing, but on many
others, I More...

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broken hearted | Reviewer: Ana
    ------ About the song Hate To See You Go performed by The Color Fred

so..i broke up with my boyfriend (we've been dating 2 years on and off) and this year I decided to make it official. Our relationship was was my fault..he always put up with my s*** and i always left him broken hearted only waiting for him to call me..begging me to get back with him..i was so selfish..

i never really appreciated what he did..

i decided to finally end it for good..and i broke his heart again. and this time he decided he had enough and swore he would never call me again.
he was my first love and my first boyfriend..

i regret it..and he dedicated this song to me..i don't know what to do..i miss him.but its for the best..i just hope he doesn't hate me..

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