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The Coffin Caddies Biography

Last updated: 08/31/2007

A Miami-based Horror punk band that touches on subjects such as Horror Movies, Video Games and Comic Books. The band was started on August 14, 1999 when singer Rei Horror and Guitar player, Alex Nameless(old time friends) decided to start a band in the vain of their idols, The Misfits. Their vision was clear. A musical project based on their vision of melodic punk music with a tone of horror influenced lyrics. They got together for a 4 month period a wrote an E.P called "Mother's Day" under the name "Zombies ate my neighbors". Then later with the recruitment of Mexican Rick(drums) and Llama Mike(bass) they opted the name of The Coffin Caddies. On Oct. 16th, 1999. They performed their first live performance at a local venue in Miami, Florida. They Quickly got instant reaction and reconignizion, but after a short string of shows,The Coffin Caddies disbanded due to their already full time bands. Rei Horror was with the metal band Shattered Sunrise and Alexx Nameless was in No Peace at all. The band went on infinit Hiatus.

In 2005, The Coffin Caddies were resurrected with the help of bassist Zander and drummer, AustinRight of the Pop-Punk band "The Blabbermouths". Alexx Nameless once again resumed the roll of guitar player for the caddies but quickly departed due to time ristraints with his full time band and extensive touring. As of June 2007 Alexx Nameless is rumored to be back in the lead guitar postion again. Mike Solid, an old time friend of Rei and Alexx who originally joined the band to replace Alexx is now on 2nd guitar as well. With the new members the band added a “Pop – Punk” style their already distinctic Horror Punk Sound. Adding influences that range from The Misfits to Screeching Weasel and created a new sound that is what they are known for today.

In May of 2006, The band signed with Crypt of Blood records but resigned shorty after a few months due to "musical differences and direction". As of June 19th,2007, Their first full length C.D. titled "I dream of Jack-O-Lanterns,was released and the band has had follow up tours in Europe and in Japan. The art for the album was done by Award Winning Artist and Creator of the World Horror Convention,Chad Savage of Sinister Visions.