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I'll stand for nothing less
Or never stand again
These are the limits when one's buried
This body's left the soul

Could we have known
Never would I, helped to nail down

Careful of drifting off
Now losing taste and touch
Turning a pale blue leaning in to say
This body's left the soul
The brain needs oxygen
Can't sneak around this bait
His catacomb has got me by the chin
This body's left the soul

Could we have known
Never would I, helped to nail down
With nothing to gain, here's the clincher
This should be you
Now saturate (x4)
And touch
Now saturate (x3)
The Earth
Now saturate (x4)
The Earth

Well could we have known
Never would I, helped to nail down
(I'll stand for nothing less)
With nothing to gain, here's the clincher
This should be you
(Made cold and crippled)
This happened to be never changing
Holding inside
(Or never stand again)
The phobia viewed
Made cold and crippled
Ending it all

Now saturate (x4)
The Earth
Now saturate (3)

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The truth about Chevelle and christianity | Reviewer: Charlie | 9/3/11

I've talked with Pete after a show they played in hollywood, and the truth is I didnt ask if they were christian and I didnt/dont care. Hes a chill guy, pretty down to earth so if your wondering if there christian send him a msg on facebook or something. My point is: its music!, it means whatever it means to whoever is hearing it. With such artistic and thoughtful lyrics you shouldn't decide if its religous or not thats for Chevelle to decide. There music is so beautifully put together that it can mean a million things. If it helps you get closer to God, more power to ya'. If it helps you deal with emotion, much the same. Either way this song is beautiful. FOR ME: This song is about the struggle to be real, and if one isn't real they begin to die as a person and lose the soul that kept them a real person and not a "sad sherade" of a real person. Of course this isn't what the song really means.

clinching meanings. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/11

Honestly. I think the lyrics can be interpreted so many ways. It happens a lot with chevelle. I think Pete has so much creaking skill that he wrote the song to mean to things. There's no way he wrote this without basing it on the crucifixion. No matter what they say they are Christian influenced. So his believes will effect the songs. So this song was written with two things in mind.

Not a religious song | Reviewer: joshua | 6/4/10

From what I hear, one of the brothers in the band actually tricked the other one into laying in a chest and literally nailed it shut! "this should be you" is his way of apologizing for the damage done during this stunt. pay attention to the lyrics, it is definetely not about jesus' crucifixion.

Whoa Chevelle is not christian rock | Reviewer: Billy | 3/9/10

Chevelle has caused controversy among Christian groups, because at one point they were on a Christian rock label, and thus the band has mistakenly been labeled "Christian rock." Keith Miller of has been critical of Chevelle due to the band touring on Ozzfest with bands such as Cradle of Filth, who he claims incorporate strong satanic and anti-Christian themes into their lyrics.[34] Sam Loeffler said, "It’s something that’s probably going to follow us around forever and that’s fine. It’s pretty simple. We originally signed with a record company that was backed by Word (a Christian label housing John Tesh and Amy Grant), so the record [Point #1] was in Christian bookstores. It was really an accidental thing."
Chevelle has tried to distance themselves from being labeled as a Christian band. Sam stated in an interview, "We're recovering Catholics."[34][35] Sam also told the Chicago Tribune, "Our faith is still extremely important to us, but it's also very personal. None of us feels being a rock band on stage should be a pedestal for preaching."[36]
Pete Loeffler also said in a 2009 interview: "To us, it was and is, not that big of a deal. Our first label was owned by a distributorship that distributed to Christian bookstores and things like that. And it doesn’t bother us at all to be called a Christian band. Although we have made a specific point to keep our religion out of our band and out of our shows because we believe it is everybody’s choice to go and do whatever they want. And though we do have our individual faiths and all those things, it is not something that we’ll preach to the people out there. So there were never any misconceptions for us or for our label in that regards. It really was what everybody else was putting out there." case closed, not a christian rock band

Talk about a big sound... | Reviewer: Daniel | 1/8/09

I have every Chevelle album and overall, they have done an excellent job since the band establishing in 1995. They hit platinum on this album and I feel this is the point where they really perfected their art. The Clincher portrays their "BIG SOUND" very well; even more so live. I feel they are one of the most successful Christian Rock Bands out there. My interpretation of Pete's lyrics is... He is referring to the fact Jesus Christ paid for our sins, although - at the time - we didn't know it, and because of such a sacrifice, we should acknowledge nothing less and reach out to those who aren't saved (hence, saturate the earth). Pete is the only person who can provide the real meaning; I am just giving my thoughts - which could easily be wrong.


a definite clinch for chevelle in the music scene | Reviewer: steven | 10/13/08

this song is amazing! I understand the philosophical points behind the song and it only adds to what the typical music lover feels and hears from this song. The clincher easily keeps up with the older stuff. keep it coming chevelle!

The clincher | Reviewer: Ben Hendricks | 10/6/08

The clincher is about crucifiction regardless of what the band has to say. Think about lines like "helped to nail down", "this should be you","saturate the earth", but it also has to do with claustrophobia. poop

Clincher | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/07

Love this song. Almost as good as their 'Send the Pain Below'

Clinched it for me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/06

Like the first review, I crank this song also. And the song is about death. But regardless, love the song, love the group. This song is almost as good as The Red

clincher | Reviewer: rick | 8/22/05

I crank this song everytime I hear it on the radio....not quite sure what the hell he's singing ( or screaming ) about ...but a very well writin tune with a perfect beat and catchy hook.....I really like this band....

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