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Mick Jones had a band called London S.S. with Bernard
Rhodes who would become later The Clash's manager. Paul
Simonon joined the London S.S. at its last legs. After,
they decided to start all over again in a new band. Mick
Jones decided to teach Paul Simonon how to play guitar, but
as Paul had never played that instrument, it was too
difficult for him. So they decided he should play bass,
"because it's easier and has only four strings", as Paul
said once.

They got Keith Levene as another guitarist and Terry Chimes
as drummer. More...

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Review about The Clash songs
    ------ About the song Safe European Home performed by The Clash

When this album was released, here in America we had to wait to get it as it was only available by import. Anyone that ever thought this song was about America should go back to listening to Reo Speedwagon an Journey,cause you just don't get it!!!

England cut the crap | Reviewer: john
    ------ About the song Safe European Home performed by The Clash

Just because some idiot didnt realize the song was about Mick and Joes vacation experiance in Jamaica doesnt make or mean all Americans think every song is about us..however..if you want ignorance..the song I'm so Bored with the USA was written in ignorance..because once the Clash arrived here..they were not only bored..but fell in love with just about everything inluding the very things they ranted about us in song.If I were you limeys..I'd be more concerned about being the second Islamic nation in western europe behind France..Jihad Johhnys gonna be loppin off heads in Londodn before you know it..good luck with least our civilian population is heavily armed

This is England | Reviewer: Brendan Chadwick
    ------ About the song This Is England performed by The Clash

Black shadow of the Vincent
Falls on a Triumph line
I got my motorcycle jacket
But I'm walking all the time

This is the England that I saw ... a nation that created the finest machines and cruel conditions ... Hammersmith ... I wish I was there to see them when they released ... this is England!

Sandanista Classic through and through | Reviewer: Zeusofhollywood
    ------ About the song Somebody Got Murdered performed by The Clash

I saw The Clash. Be not jealous, Joe Strummer said he did not think The Clash made a difference!, I humbly disagree.
And the above reviewer is WRONG. Nothing "saved" Sandanista fyi, It was never lost, It was DESTINED to be what it is. Remembered WELL, And still making a difference in mens hearts and thoughts. ZoH

Clash 4 evR | Reviewer: Clash fan 4evr
    ------ About the song Complete Control performed by The Clash

I first heard the Clash sneaking downstairs at age 11 when my older brother had his punk friends over for a party. I watched them slam dance around the living room to Complete Control. Hooked! A few years later I saw them in Providence, RI, Combat Rock tour! First concert ever!

Chords | Reviewer: Pedro Miranda
    ------ About the song Death is a Star performed by The Clash

does anyone has the guitar chords for this song ? i searched trhoutgh the internet and could find it , im a beginner so im not able yet to discover by myself... apreciated... one love from brazil !

you are intellectualising a great dance track | Reviewer: nasty goyam bitch
    ------ About the song Rock The Casbah performed by The Clash

great dance tune performed by one of the best punk bands ever... I love how the chorus sounds like "fuck the casbah fuck the casbah" & "as soon as the shariff was outa their hair they began to wail..." joe strummer is a force in his own right in that with minimal education &, as a working class lad, he is able to get to the heart of social issues...& why? Because "Julie's workin' for the drug squad..."

Guys seriously?? | Reviewer: An Indian who loves The Clash!
    ------ About the song Career Opportunities performed by The Clash

Hey let me give you guys a word of advice. From one Indian to another. Those who have posted comments here wanting to become a lyricist in Bollywood-

This is a song called "Career Opportunities" by The Clash. It's not a frikkin' career guidance center! -_-

Joe Strummer | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Straight to Hell performed by The Clash

An amazingly true and touching song. Joe Strummer was a genius song-writer as well as performer and player. I would have loved to see these guys live and wish I could have talked to Joe. When he died, I called my brother, Jerry and told him because he also loved their music. Now my brother is gone too and I just know that the both of them are having some good talks there in the next world and it comforts me. R.I.P. Jerry and Joe

Fucked up | Reviewer: Johnny Rotten
    ------ About the song Rock The Casbah performed by The Clash

This song talks about opressed people having fun and playing music when the radicals leave them alone. It does not talk shit about muslims or jews or americans, so stop bragging about stupid shit and FUCK OFF. Me myself, travel a lot to muslim countries, and i see what radicalism does to people, turns them agressive snd rude to foreigners, which is, being realistic, very retarded, if you understand that tourism is the only way they can make money without their corrupt governments taking it from them. This doesn't mean there aren't polite and nice people in there, but if you keep on protecting radicals who blow up cities and beat women up, that's what you'll get, and now shut the fuck up all of you.

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