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The Clash Sandinista! Album

Last updated: 01/17/2011 11:00:00 AM

Release Date: 12/12/1980
Tracks in Sandinista!: The Magnificent Seven, Hitsville U.K., Junco Partner, Ivan Meets G.I. Joe, The Leader, Something About England, Rebel Waltz, Look Here, The Crooked Beat, Somebody Got Murdered, One More Time, One More Dub, Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice), Up In Heaven (Not Only Here), Corner Soul, Let's Go Crazy, If Music Could Talk, The Sound of the Sinners, Police On My Back, Midnight Log, The Equaliser, The Call Up, Washington Bullets, Broadway, Lose This Skin, Charlie Don't Surf, Junkie Slip, Kingston Advice, The Street Parade, Version City, Living In Fame, Silicone On Sapphire, Version Pardner, Career Opportunities (Child Version)

Sandinista! Album Tracklist