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Mick Jones had a band called London S.S. with Bernard Rhodes who would become later The Clash's manager. Paul Simonon joined the London S.S. at its last legs. After, they decided to start all over again in a new band. Mick Jones decided to teach Paul Simonon how to play guitar, but as Paul had never played that instrument, it was too difficult for him. So they decided he should play bass, "because it's easier and has only four strings", as Paul said once.

They got Keith Levene as another guitarist and Terry Chimes as drummer. Bernard Rhodes was becoming the band's manager. Paul and Mick met Joe Strummer once, and Bernard asked him if he would like to join the band. Joe Strummer had another band (called The 101'ers) and was more musically experienced than the others by that time. He joined them on 31st May 1976, and Mick Jones said that it was a great deal getting Joe, because of that. Keith left the band, because the others said he wasn't into their project, so they voted him out. After, Terry Chimes left the band too. By that time The Clash consisted of only Mick Jones, Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon. Terry Chimes would be back only to record their first album.

Paul Simonon came with the band's name, he said that The Clash could be a good one. They recorded their first album, self titled The Clash (1977), which was one of the most selling import albums in the U.S.A., since it was released only later in America, but with some different tracks from the british one. After, Nicky "Topper" Headon joined in April 1977. Their second work was Give 'em Enough Rope. This was a hit (reached number 2 in the U.K.), and divulged The Clash's work to a great number of fans. But their greatest album in the opinion of The Rolling Stone Magazine (and music critics) was their third one, titled London Calling, which was rated the best album of the 80's decade and one of the best rock 'n' roll albums of all time.

The fourth work released was Sandinista!, which was a three record set album. Combat Rock came after and was the last album with Mick Jones and Topper Headon. Mick Jones started another band called Big Audio Dynamite. After that The Clash released their last album, Cut the Crap (1985), only with Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon from the original formation. After the end, Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, the ones who wrote almost all of the Clash's songs, started working together again in the Big Audio Dynamite's project.

The first two albums (The Clash and Give 'em Enough Rope are punk rock albums). London Calling is more pop rock. Sandinista! has a lot of music styles in it, Combat Rock is pop rock. The last, Cut the Crap, sounds more disco.

Although they've explored more than one musical style, The Clash was rated as a punk rock band, because it started as one, and their punk ideas never died, as it can be noticed in most of their albums. There were other albums released too, which are a review of The Clash's work with some previously unreleased tracks, demos, live tracks and remixes.

Joe Strummer said that their work is an attempt to show different feelings, like the union that must exist between people. He also said that The Clash was trying to teach new ways of feeling, thinking and being to their fans. The money wasn't really important to them, as they wanted to transmit their ideas. London Calling, a two record set album, and Sandinista! (three record set) were both sold by the price of a regular LP.

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Move over Pete Townshend | Reviewer: Jun Nicolas | 11/20/2007

The Clash were the real torch bearers clutching the torch previously held by Pete Tpwnshend and The Who. As Pete once said, its time to pass the flame on and the Clash are the only band he can think of that time that could carry on for them.

The only band that Matters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/5/2007

As the clash themselves stated they are the only band that matters. they do not conform to any one genre of music and therfore are ill-classified as a punk rock band. They were a magical band that split only because they all had their own awesome style and thoughts on where the band should be heading (that and topper headon loved him some drugs), as evidenced in strummers latter work with the mescaleros and jones' Big audio Dynamite.

the clash | Reviewer: mario | 5/15/2007

the clash is my favorite band, and in the explanation of the band, where is super black market clash? a great album that should not be forgotten!!.. best song complete control and white man in hammsersmith palais

Correction | Reviewer: Stagger Lee | 5/2/2007

The Clash split up because Mick Jones fucked them over, not the label. Mick wanted to change to a more pop-rap style when Strummer wanted to stick to punk rock and all the styles in Sandinista. If they would have stuck to the punk (It sounded awesome) they would have stuck together, instead Mick Jones decided to leave and start Big Audio Dynamite...

P.S. The entire album Sandinista is mind-blowing to the true Clash fan.

Great Band | Reviewer: Chris Chaos | 2/1/2007

This band is a fucking legend. Sucks the label they were on fucked em over. The Clash would have lasted longer if the label didnt treat them like crap.
Hmm i think theres only about 150 songs on here. well there are about 150 more the clash made but never ever got realeased. (not joe strummer solo or any other solo, just THE CLASH) And there are so many more versions. I dont want to give away the ultra rare never released album, but lets just say it was SUPPOSED to be combat rock but they were going to get sued if they didnt change the name and took their great songs off of there. Anyway. The Clash is a great band. Other then the other reviews you should check out more then just Combat Rock and London Calling, those are their mainstream albums. Albums: The Clash, Sandinista!, and Give 'em Enough Rope are great. Some great songs you should check out are The Guns of Brixton, Stay Free, All the Young Punks (New boots and Contracts), London Calling, Know your Rights, Ghetto Defendant, First night back in London, and many many others. The Clash is by far, one of my personal favorite Punk bands. Also, this is the music that helped create hip-hop and all that stuff. So check them out sometime! R.I.P. Joe Strummer 1952-2002!

The greatest band in the hole wid wrld | Reviewer: punkychic | 11/12/2005

The Clash is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them to death!!!!!!!!! I would do n-e thing to meet strummer. but it's too bad that he's gone now.:( I recomend the first album, London Calling,Combat Rock,give'em enough rope! Crap!!!! They're all good!!!!!!!!!! Best Band ever!!!!!! Besides the Ramones of course. I luv the Clash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVE LONG STRUMMER AND THE CLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 songs is white man in hammersmith palais and Rock the Casbah!!!!!!!!! I love YOU MICK JONES AND PAUL YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY HOT!!!!!!!!! you shread on guitar mick!!!!!!!!

*~BEST BAND EVA~* | Reviewer: c1tyr0ckr | 9/27/2005

the Clash r the k00lest .. BUY LONDON CALLING and u'll see wot i mean. Simonon is a sexy beast! And a fantastic bass player! I rekun london calling, Rock the casbah, Guns in Brixton and straight to hell r their best songs..

theyre just the best, even tho i was neva around to hear them when they came out, theyre still r*ck1n!!

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