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Scott Blasey: Lead Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Robert James: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Greg Joseph: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Dave Minarik: Drums, Vocals

“After all this time I still believe/With a few tricks
hidden up my sleeve” “Fast Moving Cars”" ~ Scott Blasey

Since forming the group as students at Indiana University
of Pennsylvania, where they were recently honored as
Distinguished Alumni, The Clarks have been one of the
best-kept secrets in rock & roll.

With Fast Moving Cars, their third album More...

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Submit The Clarks New Lyrics

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Perfect Song | Reviewer: Ski Bum
    ------ About the song Shimmy Low performed by The Clarks

There's a video tribute to the late Ken White, a former world champion water skier from the early days, on YouTube. This song is the background music for most of it. It's the ideal music for that particular tribute because it matches Ken's personality and lifestyle. He truly did walk on water.

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