The City On Film Albums

  • American Diary Album (2/14/2006)
    Mary, I'm Ready
    Pony's Last Trick
    Astray! Astray!
    You're Gonna Need That Patience Soon
    Well, It Goes Like This

  • I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk Album (8/24/2004)
    I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk
    How A Helicopter Sounds
    Give Me Good News
    Picture Perfect Fiction
    All The Wrong Notes
    Secret Santa Cruz

  • Split Tour EP Album (5/1/2000)
    The City On Film - Portland Maine And The Pouring Rain
    The City On Film - Fairytale Of New York
    Sterling Silver - The Cliff
    Sterling Silver - Aleopoldbloom
    Kind Of Like Spitting - Blue Period
    Kind Of Like Spitting - Out Of Harm's Way... Finally

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