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The City On Film Biography

Last updated: 05/16/2006

The City On Film is my new music and you are all invited. The debut LP/CD, "In Formal Introduction" was released on JUNE 21, 2005 on Grand Theft Autumn Records! Order it now!

Also available is the brand new "American Diary" 6 song EP on Redder Records (Order it!) and a split 7" with Minus The Bear on Polyvinyl Records (Order it!). I just finished a tour with Spitalfield, Audition, Down to Earth Approach, and Somerset... and i'm about to embark on a 2 week west coast / southwest trip in January. Look out for a quick trip to NYC in February. I'm also starting the ball rolling on a Japanese tour in May. Who knows what's next.

Previously I've released an EP on Post 436 Records called "I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk," a split CD on Eat the Fly / Cloak and Dagger with The Novi Split called "The Sea Was Angry That Day My Friends," and a handful of splits and 7"s that are long out-of-print. I started this thing in 1997.